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NetBeans 6.8 -- New and Noteworthy


This is the complete feature set for NetBeans 6.8. Stabilization will proceed on these.

Java Enterprise Edition 6 support

Support for development of applications for Java Enterpise Edition 6. The Java EE 6 compliant server bundled with the IDE is GlassFish v3 (promoted build 57).

See also Documentation Changes for NB 6.8 Due To EE6 Support

Following features are available :

Web Project

  • project creation supports JEE6 and JEE6 Web Profile

  • web.xml is optional
  • web.xml and web-fragment.xml wizards added

  • GUI editor for web-fragment.xml
  • New File wizards updated to generate classes with Servlet 3.0 annotations instead of updating web.xml

  • EJBs enabled in web project * gdbserver attach support
   * easy attach (one click attach to already running processes) 

  • EE6 profiles handling
  • JSF framework supports Facelets

New editor features for authoring Facelets documents are described in its own chapter below.

EJB Project

  • project creation supports JEE6 spec version
  • added Singleton session support

  • support for optional Local Business interface
  • support for embeddable container provided by EE6 server

Web Services

  • JAX-WS upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2
  • JAX-RS upgraded from 1.0 to 1.1
  • JAXB upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2
  • Metro 1.4 library upgraded to Metro 2.0 and used instead of JAX-WS where appropriate

Java Persistence

  • support for JPA 2.0

Java Server Faces 2.0 support (Facelets)

Basic features

  • XHTML files are recognized as facelets files if proper namespace is declared
  • coloring, code folding, error checking etc. works for JSF tags
  • code completion for JSF libraries including documentation
  • tag autoimport feature - all tags from available JSF libraries are offered in the completion regardless whether they are declared or not. If such undeclared tag is completed the declaration is automatically added to the document root tag.

  • completion for core facelet libraries (ui and composition components)

Expression Language support

  • code coloring and completion is available for expression language
  • completion offers implicit object, jsf managed beans and their properties


Facelets libraries support

  • Parsing of facelets libraries (.taglib.xml files)
  • Basic code completion for declared components even w/o tag library descriptor


JSF components palette for XHTML files

  • There is a new JSF category in the palette for XHTML files. It appears only for files located in projects with a webmodule and with JSF support enabled.
  • One may add new components there by adding them into the system layer into XHTMLPalette folder.
  • JSF Form from Entity and JSF Data Table from Entity components generate XHTML code for view/editable form/table of a selected Entity class. Code is generated using a template which can be customized to user's preferred style.


Palette Code Completion

This is a generic html editor feature but also affects JSF development. Currently there are just two JSF palette items but some other may come in the future.

  • HTML code completion allows you to insert palette items very quickly. The completion works in html text without a prefix ...


  • ... or with a prefix. The prefix is removed automatically if you decide to complete the selected item.


  • Once you select an item from the list a palette item customizer appears. You can file it with your preferred values or keep the defaults


  • Finally after confirming the customizer the item text is inserted at the original completion position


Insert Code actions for JSF palette items

  • Now you can use insert code action to insert JSF Form and JSF Data Table. The effect is the same as if you dragged them from the palette.


Composite components support

  • Code coloring for composite components libraries defined in the webmodule /resources folder
  • Code completion for the composite components tags and attributes

File:JSFEditingNB68NewAndNoteworthy/coposite cc.png

File:JSFEditingNB68NewAndNoteworthy/composite cc attr.png

  • Hyperlinking to the composite components source files

File:JSFEditingNB68NewAndNoteworthy/coposite cc hyperlink.png

JSF components error checking

An infrastructure for simple error checks/hints added to the JSF editor. Some error checks for jsf components have been added, other will come later.

A list of available checks follows:

  • whether the library matched by the tag prefix contains such component/tag. (The library mapped to the fc prefix is named components so the weird message is not a bug but just a coincidence)


  • the tag contains all required attributes
  • all the attributes are defined in the component's interface


  • existence of undeclared components
  • presence of taglib declaration w/o usages
  • declared library exists

Namespaces completion

  • You can complete the namespace of the available facelets libraries


Generate JSF pages from Entity classes

JSF pages from Entity classes wizard was updated to generate CRUD (create, read, update and delete) pages for selected entity classes:

  • XHTML pages are generated instead of JSP
  • EJB facade classes are generated for entity manipulation
  • generated pages are localizable
  • pages are generated using templates which can be customized to user's preferred style

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/jsf-from-entity NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png


  • We now use archetype catalogs for easier navigation in the New Project wizard
  • Improved support for Groovy and Scala languages
  • User feedback
  • Add dependency exclusion from dependency graph
  • There is a new item "Exclude" in pop-up menu of the artifact box, which adds proper dependency exclusion(s) to the project pom.xml automatically.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/exclude dep NewAndNoteworthyNB68.jpg

  • Use POM's Checkstyle plugin configuration to bootstrap IDE's formatting rule

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/checkstyleformatting NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Java EE 6 is now supported in Maven projects. New archetypes for Java EE 6 are available and used in Maven new project wizard, as shown in following picture.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/java ee 6 NewAndNoteworthyNB68.jpg

  • Comfortable selection of target Application Server, useful especially for multi module Maven projects. When running (deploying) Web application or EJB for a first time, typically no deployment server is set. New UI allows user to choose Maven project where to store deployment server setting.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/permanent server NewAndNoteworthyNB68.jpg

  • New ability to update Maven POM file according to informations read from Kenai project. For every Maven project that lives on, there is an action "Update from Kenai" in right-click menu on pom.xml editor. Informations like project description, url, mailing lists, developers, SCM system, issue tracking system are retrieved from enclosing Kenai project and generated into Maven POM.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/update from kenai NewAndNoteworthyNB68.jpg


Groovy & Grails

  • Groovy 1.6.4 supported and bundled
  • Methods introduced via AST tranformations visible in code completion

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/groovy transformation NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Much better code completion for variables and method parameters

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/groovy completion68 NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Reliable Grails process exiting on Windows platform

Database Support

  • Code completion in SQL editor now works additionally for DELETE, DROP and UPDATE statements. Not only tables and columns are completed but also SQL keywords. In SELECT sub queries code completion is offered in correct context.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/DB-codeCompletion NewAndNoteworthyNB68.gif

  • Issue 71231 - The Run File action works for SQL file now

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/run-sql-file NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • It is possible to change display name of connection node to shorter and more readable name. It can be provided while creating a new connection or changed in node properties afterwards anytime.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/DB-displayName NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

Auto Update

New options for Java task list

  • New pane was added to Tools --> Options --> Editor --> Tasklist --> Java allowing to influence the speed of refreshing of the task list after the user saves a file in the editor.

Embedded Browser

  • There is a brand new embedded browser based on Mozilla XULRunner available on Update Center for MS Windows.
  • The Browser is disabled by default. To enable it use Tools > Options and select 'Embedded Mozilla Browser' as Web Browser.
  • The Embedded Browser is used to display all links (that would be normally opened in the external browser) inside the IDE as Editor tabs.

The Embedded Browser in IDE is very new thing and we would like to gather a lot of feedback about it. Should you find some issue then please file an issue report to IzzueZilla (select subcategory Embedded Browser).

Embedded Browser requires 32-bit JDK.

Web Preview for HTML and CSS

  • Embedded Browser (EB) component is used for HTML file preview that is opened in Output area and user can preview changes while editing (simply by saving the file) without jumping between external editor and NetBeans IDE.
  • EB is also used for CSS editor where it replaces previous HTML rendering component, so user can see CSS changes in real-world internet browser.

Note: Both preview can be used only on Windows after downloading Web Preview and Embedded Browser modules from UC


  • Upgraded bundled JRuby to 1.3.1
  • Ruby 1.9 debugging support
  • Run/Debug File with arguments
  • Support for running/debugging files that are not part of a project
  • Improved handling of inherited methods in rename refactoring
  • Possibility to specify arguments for Rails servers
  • Navigation support for ActiveRecord associations
  • RSpec 1.2.7 support
  • Faster and more accurate type inference
  • Improved navigation for accessor methods created by attr, attr_accessor and attr_reader
  • Support for creating Rails 2.3.2 apps with dispatchers

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/railswithdispatchers NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Possibility to uninstall a certain version of a gem.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gemuninstall NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Type assertions for method return types, use :return:=> (type) in the method's rdoc, e.g.: #:return:=>String

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/typeassert NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png



  • gdbserver attach support
  • attach to a process on the remote machine
  • easy attach (one click attach to already running processes)

Remote development

  • Synchronization with remote host (uploading project files to the remote host) became more than 10 times faster.
  • For this reason, "Secure Copy" synchronization is made the default one. This means that the user won't be asked for path mapping any more (though it is still possible to invoke the path mapper explicitly).

Profiling tools

  • New Thread Microstates indicator and Thread Details view (Solaris and Open Solaris specific)

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/ThreadDetails NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Buttons on indicators to open detail view

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo buttonts NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Thread Analyzer (SunStudio) integration: Detection of *potential* deadlocks and *potentional* data races. For platforms supported by SunStudio tools. Both local and remote configuration.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo tha races NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • New I/O usage indicator and

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo io NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Viewport for indicators

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo indicators viewport NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Time interval selection

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo timeinterval NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Metrics annotations

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/gizmo annotations NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

Code Assistance

IDE consumes 2 times less memory for big projects and parsing speed is improved by 30-40%!

Java Debugger

Mark Object feature allows to give a name to any object in the shown variables tree and then use this name in expressions (in the expression evaluator or in a watch).

Connected Developer

Kenai Support (integration with

  • New UI for working with Kenai projects (Kenai dashboard).
  • Bookmark/leave projects, can see and access "My projects" all the time.
  • Project members, their roles and online status.
  • More details about Kenai project can be opened.
  • Project search enhanced to show more details and to offer recent/featured projects.
  • Improved navigation between Projects view and Kenai view.
  • Extended and simplified wizard for sharing projects on Kenai - creating new Kenai project and importing sources. Starting with Kenai is easier now.

(screenshots TBD)

Instant Messaging and Online Presence

  • Possibility to start a private chat with other users on Kenai, auto-managed contact list of co-workers (users with common projects).
  • Can see online status and start chat with people on any place in the IDE where user names appear:
  • In Kenai dashboard listing project members, contact list, chatrooms.
  • Other places like: issue reports, commit history, annotations, etc.
  • Links to code, files, issues and stack traces can be easily added to the chat and sent.
  • Project chat rooms show notifications about changed files and issues

(screenshots TBD)

Issue tracking integration

  • Complete JIRA support.
  • Improved indication of changes in queries (unseen and changed issues).
  • Task list integration - add the issues you work on to Task list.
  • Usability improvements of Bugzilla issue editor.

(screenshots TBD)


  • Issue tracking integration now supports JIRA. The JIRA plugin is available on Update Center - get it from Tools > Plugins in the main menu.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/JIRAcreateTracker NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • JIRA Plugin allows you to
  • Execute queries, save issue queries; sort and/or filter query results.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/JIRAfindIssues NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Open, edit and create issues.
  • Open, save or upload issue attachments.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/JIRAissuePanel NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • Log work done on issues.

File:NewAndNoteworthyNB68/JIRAworkLog NewAndNoteworthyNB68.png

  • JIRA Plugin supports all features that you know already from Bugzilla support:
  • Simplified patch manipulation - a patch (diff) created in the IDE can be attached to the selected issue easily.
  • Navigation extensions:
  • Clicking on a stacktrace in an issue jumps directly to the source code.
  • You can open issue from wherever the IDE references it - from a source code, commit messages in version control history, from versioning annotations etc.
  • Commit hooks:
  • An issue can be automatically closed by a commit (with additional info about committed changes added to the issue).
  • You can let the commit dialog add issue information into a commit message.
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