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*  Enhanced integration with the IDE - no need to perform an extra step to enable project for profiling. Everything works out-of-the-box.
*  CPU Thread Timer now enabled for all platforms

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NetBeans 6.10 -- New and Noteworthy




  • The 4.8.2 release of the JUnit library has been integrated.
  • You can now run or debug a single test case (method) in a suite (class) from the editor context menu.
  • It's now possible to rerun only failed tests.
  • The filtering of the test results view was improved. It' now allowed to select the result states (passed, failed, error) which will be hided in the result view.
  • The tabbed output was implemented for the test results view.


Remote HTTP URLs are now supported for Javadoc in libraries and Java platforms. Downloading local Javadoc is still strongly recommended for performance and reliability.

Ant 1.8.1

The 1.8.1 release of the Apache Ant build tool has been integrated.


There is an archetype (project template) for an empty project using POM packaging, which can serve as an aggregator for submodules.

Maven settings can now be exported from the Options dialog.

There have been various minor UI improvements to the Maven support - "Libraries" is now "Dependencies", and so on.

Java EE


  • Brand new server runtime node displaying deployed applications and resources.


  • JSF integration with server libraries. User can select which JSF library he wants to use.

  • Support for datasource creation and deployment. The datasource is created automatically when needed and stored in the project. When the application is being deployed the datasource is deployed as well.

  • Directory based deployment (exploded directory deployment), deploy on save. The IDE will use directory based deployment so no redeployment is needed when changing the web resources. The deployment is also much faster. Together with deploy on save no explicit action is required to push the source code changes to the server.
  • Improved properties dialog with editable username, password and JVM. You can select JVM vendor from the list of vendors.


Registration of 3.1

Restart a remote instance of 3.1

Enable and disable deployed applications

Debug a project on a remote GlassFish Server 3.1 domain that was not initially started in debug mode

View the log file of a remote server in the output window, like it was a local domain

Create and edit the glassfish-resources.xml file

Create domains that use the default ports from inside the IDE

Enterprise Application Client and EJB Module execution/debugging

Support for execution and debugging of standalone EE modules has been revamped:

  • both Enterprise Application Client project and EJB Module project can now be deployed to GlassFish v3 as standalone EE modules and do not have to be packaged in EAR application project anymore;
  • any main class in Enterprise Application Client project can be executed via a single Run File action and container context will be injected into it;
  • debugging of EAR application containing EJB Module and Enterprise Application Client will automatically starts two debugging sessions - one for EJB Module running on server and second for Enterprise Application Client running locally;

Expression Language

There are a couple of new features for Expression Language in JSF/xhtml views:

  • Error checking


  • Error badges


  • Find Usages for managed beans (JSF/CDI) and their properties


  • Rename refactoring for properties/methods and for managed beans in case they use the default bean name (support for explicitly specified bean names will be added later)


Web Services: REST

  • Improved "REST from Database" wizard code generation.
    The RESTful EJB (Session Bean) Facade is generated where methods are annotated with @GET, @POST, @PUT and @DELETE annotations. See the sample:


  • JSF Components suites and PrimeFaces

Bean Validation

  • Wizard for creating Constraint

  • Wizard for creating validation.xml
  • Wizard for creating mapping constraint file

Web Languages

JavaScript and JSON

  • JSON Formatter - it's possible to format .json files.





  • PHP 5.3 - support for aliases

File:Php_aliases_editor.png File:Php_aliases_editor2.png


  • Enhanced integration with the IDE - no need to perform an extra step to enable project for profiling. Everything works out-of-the-box.
  • CPU Thread Timer now enabled for all platforms


Significant improvements in JavaFX Composer Data Sources

  • The API has been re-written (old API is still available for compatibility reason)
  • Improved Query Language
  • New Data-sources aware components based on original JavaFX 1.3.1 components. Use of new components makes the whole developer workflow more intuitive and faster
  • Write support - it is possible to generate read-write forms and save the data back to the date provider
  • Data validation support
  • Updated samples

Read the full story here JavaFXComposerNewInM8


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