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New And Noteworthy for NetBeans 6.9 Milestone 1

NetBeans switched to build and run on JDK 6 only build infrastructure, NetBeans launchers and installers are now changed to require JDK 6, not allowing use of Java 5 anymore.

As a consequence NetBeans launchers now use -splash option to give NetBeans as fast indication of the start as possible.

NetBeans Platform OSGi interoperability

The long time experimental project Netigso has matured and become official part of NetBeans 6.9. Now you can smoothly include 3rd party OSGi bundles into your NetBeans platform application and use them from your existing Ant projects.


NetBeans by default provide you the Felix 2.0.3 OSGi container during runtime. There is however also experimental support for equinox. See it in action in our demo screencast.

placeholder: maven support for OSGi bundle is preferred way to develop plain OSGi bundles. Our Maven's and NBM plugin has been enhanced to handle OSGi dependencies correctly as well.

There is experimental support for converting NetBeans modules into OSGi bundles are running them in an unmodified OSGi container with no special startup procedure. See NetBeansInOSGi for details.

REST Webservices support for RCP applications

  • Added a new Action: "Generate REST Client..." to Insert Code action group (available also in Netbeans plugin modules):
  • The action allows user to select a REST resource from projects open in Netbeans, then, according to the selection, generates an internal REST Client class, based on Jersey REST Client API:


The revolutionary slowness detector has been enhanced and used in Go To Type dialogs and Code Completion popup window. As a result you, the NetBeans IDE users, can send us in the field detected slowness reports. We are going to use them to speed up your favorite IDE. Don't hesitate to send us your reports and welcome to the performance team!



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