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New And Noteworthy in NetBeans 6.9

Milestone 1

Features implemented after Milestone 1

Web Languages

CSS colors code completion improvements

The css colors completion has been improved so there's a "color chooser" completion item at the beginning of the completion list for all color-like css properties. Once the item is invoked the default swing color chooser window opens and the use can select a new color or use one of the previously used.

Another desired improvement is showing the already used hash color codes in the completion. All hash color codes used in the project are offered by the completion, those declared in the current file have precedence, the others are listed below and in a gray color.

CSS refactoring and find usages for hash colors

It's now possible to do refactor rename or find usages on hash color codes over the project.

HTML->CSS Goto Declaration Support

A goto declaration support for css code has been added to the html editor. You can navigate to class or id selector declarations from html CLASS and ID attributes. If there are more declarations, a small popup menu is opened and all the possibilities are suggested.

Css Mark Occurances

A simple css mark occurances of class, id and element selectors and hash colors has been added.

Extract inlined styles refactoring

Having an inlined css style inside html tags is not a good practice, but sometimes is used. The refactoring helps users to convert such code into either embedded css section or into an external stylesheet.

Following targets can be choosen:

  • already existing css section in the edited html file
  • new css section in the edited file
  • already linked external stylesheet
  • an external stylesheet

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