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CSS & HTML Features Plan for Netbeans 7.1


Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P2 Javascript APIs HTML5 has introduced some new DOM elements and javascript APIs so the JS support should be extended to cover them. -
P4 Completion & documentation for the SVG and MATHML content Documentation for the SVG and MATHML tags is not available as well as the code completion doesn't provide the tags' attributes and their documentation. -
P1 P1 HTML validator options
  • disable/enable the validation for project/foder/file
  • configure default html doctype for fragments for project/folder/file
  • configure the validator issues - allow to enable/disable/change severity of particular issues
P3 code completion for doctypes - -
P4 Missing class/id error check + hintfix If a class or id used in an html page is undefined in any of the bound stylesheets, then a warning is displayed for such tag with a hintfix "Generate missing class/id". The fix will add new class/id into the associated stylesheet, in case there are more user can choose (including generating <style>...</style> section inside the html itself. There might be an option which specify the behavior. -


Notes: CSS3 has modular architecture. The modules define css syntax-grammar, css properies, behavior rules etc. Only very few modules are in stable state, the rest is still under development. It is unlikely then we'll be able to implement support for all the currently proposed modules. The modules needs to be sorted according to their priority and the support added accordingly.

Priority Feature Description Issues Milestone State
P1 CSS3 Parser Use a new css 3 level parser or update the existing generated JavaCC grammar of the existing one. Update existing features to operate on the modified parse tree -
P1 update the parser so it's possible to parse proprietary MS syntax Currently the MS syntax extension is only somehow workarounded in the grammar. 110333
P1 update the parser so it's possible to parse proprietary MS syntax Currently the MS syntax extension is only somehow workarounded in the grammar. 110333
P1 update properties code completion for the latest modules state. - -
P3 browsers custom properties support (_ or - prefixed property) completion for the properties and values, possibly error checking -
P3 modular architecture for the CSS support It would be nice to be able to plug-in a new css module support via AU. This involves creation of an API/SPI in the css editor module so additional modules can add/adapt features like completion, error checking, semantic highlighting, refactoring etc. The existing support needs to be migrated to those APIs as well. -
P3 target browser visually reflect (completion, sem. highlighting) what modules are implemented in what browser - set a target server per project. -
P3 semantic highlighting unused elements, overridden elements... -
P3 navigator improvements filtering - classes, ids, html elements; sorting -


An approximate list of what needs to be done per module:

CSS Selectors - grammar changes, syntax changes - new combinator and operator CSS Color - propery values changes CSS Namespaces - grammar, syntax changes - code completion namespace aware - semantic highlighting for selectors w/ a namespace CSS Backgrounds & Borders - property values changes CSS Multi-column Layout - properites CSS Media Queries - completion for media types in @media element and in html link-media attribute CSS Basic User Interface - new pseudo classes CSS Grid Positioning - grid references code completion

In most of the modules below it's important to update the completion/error checking to the proper properties and their values: CSS Marquee CSS Ruby CSS Style Attributes CSS Paged Media CSS Text CSS Writing Modes CSS Generated Content for Paged Media CSS Fonts CSS Basic Box Model CSS Template Layout CSS Speech CSS Flexible Box Layout CSS Image Values & Replaced Content CSS 2D Transformations CSS 3D Transformations CSS Transitions CSS Animations

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