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| India
| India
| Java SE, Java EE, GUI, Web
| Java SE, Java EE, GUI, Web
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| 20
| Milinda
| Dissanayake
| mremouldd[at]gmail[dot]com
| [ remould]
| Sri Lanka
| Java SE, Java ME, Performance

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NetFIX Participants

People listed on this page volunteered to take part in NetFIX - community program focused on contributing bug patches during stabilization of NetBeans IDE development. If you are willing to join this initiative please subscribe to mailing list, add your entry to the table below and make sure you signed Contributor Agreement. Thank you everyone!

# Name Surname E-mail username Country Focus Working on
1 Saptarshi Purkayastha sunbiz[at] sunbiz India Java ME, UML
2 Daniel Sheppard choc_dan[at] dynamite United Kingdom Editor, Database Issue 182091
3 Annabel Melongo melongo_annabel[at] amelongo USA Java EE, Web Services, Editors
4 Kurniawan Lastanto lastanto[at] lastanto Indonesia Editor, Database, PHP
5 Roberto Vezzoni roberto.vezzoni[at] vezzoni Brazil Java, Java EE Issue 177824
6 Tushar Joshi tusharvjoshi[at] tusharvjoshi India Java, Editor
7 Dave Heaton dave[at] daveh Canada Java, Projects, Performance
8 Gautam Saggar gautamsaggar[at] GSaggar USA Java, Performance Issue 148359
9 Junji Takakura j.takakura[at] takakura Japan Editor, Database
10 Michael Kulla mkulla[at]gmx[dot]de darkstar Germany Java SE, Java EE
11 Joan Pujol joanpujol[at]gmail[dot]com lujop Catalonia Platform, Java SE, Java EE Issue 184615
12 Gabor Kapitar kapitarg[at]gmail[dot]com kapitarg Hungary Java SE, Java EE Issue 60941
13 Eric Hartmann hartmann[dot]eric[at]gmail[dot]com ehartmann France Ruby, Web, Editor, Java Issue 160502
14 Michel Graciano michel[dot]graciano[at]gmail[dot]com hmichel Brazil Java SE, GUI, Editor
15 Negar Taradji ntaradji[at]gmail[dot]com albanassim USA Java SE, GUI, Editor, Java EE
16 David van Rensburg davyvanrensburg[at]hotmail[dot]com s28257902 South Africa Java, Performance, Editor
17 Paul Ianas pianas[at]gmail[dot]com pianas Romania
18 Ralph Benjamin Ruijs ralph.benjamin[at]gmail[dot]com ralphbenjamin Netherlands
19 Rahul Saini rahulsaini2005[at]gmail[dot]com digitalworm India Java SE, Java EE, GUI, Web
20 Milinda Dissanayake mremouldd[at]gmail[dot]com remould Sri Lanka Java SE, Java ME, Performance


Focus - NetBeans functionality areas participant wants to focus his/her bug fixing the most
Working on - bug(s) participant is currently working on

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