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NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing PHP Tribe



NetCAT Tribes
Test Suite 69

NetBeans 7.0 RC1

TS Recommendations

Test suites that need update/are invalid:

  1. 1.4.5: Verify variable from included file code completion.

Include an other PHP file into PHP source. Open that PHP source and create a global variable there. Create a PHP function in the first source. Inside that function, type several first symbols of the variable name and invoke code completion. Choose that variable in the list and press Enter. EXPECTED RESULT: Code is completed properly. No require or include directive is auto-generated.

Point 4 should read: Inside that function, type global keyword followed by several first symbols of the variable name and invoke code completion.

Integrated into TS70 draft

  1. 1.4.13: Verify code completion after EXTENDS.

Define Foo class. Type "class MyClass extends F". Invoke code completion. EXPECTED RESULT: Code completion appears and Foo class is shown. No any other identifiers are shown.

Testcase should be updated, build in classes and extensions are ofcourse shown, which is expected.

Test suites that need to be removed:

  1. 1.4.14: Verify that require directive is automatically added.

Create a function in PHP file. In another PHP file, invoke code completion so that that function is available. Select that function and press Enter. EXPECTED RESULT: code is completed with that function name, and require directive is added for the corresponding class.

This feature is not implemented! Feature request: [1]

Add new test suites for:

  1. Setting PHP5 Interpreter
  2. Selecting Symfony script
  3. Adding Symfony directory to global include path
  4. Registring NetBeans provider with ZF

Test results

# Name OS Sanity Result Other TS
1 Siddharth Kumar Singh Windows XP File:TS 69 PHP Sanity - WinXP.pdf GO
2 Maghiel Dijksman Windows 7 x64 Report GO
3 Robin Masters Windows 7 x64 GO
4 Goran Ubuntu GO

Bug reports

Bug 196650 Bug 196651 Bug 196653


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