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NetCAT 7.0 Participants

People listed on this page volunteered to take part in NetCAT 7.0 - Beta testing program focused on stabilizing NetBeans IDE.

ID # Name Surname E-mail username Country HW OS Focus Availability Favorite bug
1 Ramkumar D ramkumar India HCL Windows 7 Developer --
2 Glenn Holmer gholmer US Intel Core2 Duo @3GHz, 4G memory Ubuntu 10.04 Java EE 6 5 hrs/wk
3 Michael Nascimento Santos misterm Brazil Intel Core2 Duo @3GHz, 4G memory Windows 7 Lifecycle tools, Java EE 6 20 hrs/wk


HW - short description of participant's computer configuration (especially CPU, memory)
OS - primary operating system of participant
Focus - 2 functionality areas participant will test the most in NetBeans IDE
Availability - realistic prediction of free hours per week from November to February
Favorite bug ID - 1 bug the most critical right now for the participant

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