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Extra CAT points earned by NetCAT 7.1 Participants

NetCAT 7.1 participants listed in the table below contributed something special deserving a recognition and which is not tracked anywhere else.

Participant Contribution Earned CAT points Date
Michal Owsiak Found #203282 4 2011-10-06
Atul Palandurkar Created new Window Wizard test specification 6 2011-10-09
Neeraj Chauriya Created new XML Layers test specification 4 2011-10-10
Daniel Bell Patched #203689 5 2011-10-14
Vibhuti Pithwa Created new Separate Cache test specification 2 2011-10-19
Hermien Pellissier Created new File Types and Project Templates test specification 11 2011-10-23
Michal Owsiak Partially helped with finding #204157 2 2011-10-24
Javier Ortiz Helped test import of settings from 6.9/7.0.1 > 7.1 4 2011-10-25
Mark Wilmoth For review and corrections of GUI Builder test specifications 5 2011-10-29
Joseph Areeda Helped test Multi Threaded, Miscellaneous and Ant Debugger features 8 2011-10-30
Timothy Sparg Helped test Debugger Breakpoints functionality 8 2011-10-31
Mohamed Chebbi Helped test suites 1.1 - 1.7 in Java Editor test specification 4 2011-10-26
Mark Wilmoth Tested whole GUI Builder functionality 40 2011-10-26
Aldo Brucale Helped test Debugger Views functionality 10 2011-10-26
Daniel Bell Updated JUnit test specification 3 2011-11-01
Daniel Bell Helped test JUnit functionality 4 2011-11-02
Dhawal Saiya Helped sanity test API Support and Ant Project Operations functionality 4 2011-11-06
Hermien Pellissier Updated Ant Project Operations test specification 13 2011-11-07
Gualtiero Testa Helped test JUnit functionality 4 2011-11-10
Hermien Pellissier Updated and sanity tested API Support 5 2011-11-10
Tushar Joshi Created new Ant Harness test specification 3 2011-11-11
Michel Graciano Patched #205036 5 2011-11-13
Dhawal Siya Tested 8 parts of API Support (except OSGi) on Windows XP 12 2011-11-13
Tushar Joshi Tested 6 parts of API Support (except Sanity, Ant Projects and Projects Wizard) on Mac OS X 7 2011-11-13
Timon Veenstra Tested first 5 parts of GUI Builder test specification 15 2011-11-15
Dhawal Siya Tested 7 parts of API Support (except OSGi and Ant Harness) on Ubuntu 11 2011-11-15
Jan Navratil Tested Tasklist and Refactoring features 9 2011-11-15
Vibhuti Pithwa Created new Window System test specification 13 2011-11-16
Mark Wilmoth Tested new Window System feature 2 2011-11-16
Vibhuti Pithwa Tested new OSGi, Separate Cache and XML Layer API Support features 3 2011-11-17
Medea Gugushvili Found #205305 4 2011-11-18
All tribe members with Go/NoGo verdict Participated in certification of RC1 1 CAT point for 5 page downs in Wiki editing mode of test specification 2011-11-22
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