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NetCAT 8.1 T-Shirts Distribution List

Draft of NetBeans 8.1 t-shirt

As usually we would like to reward our most active and helpful NetCAT 8.1 participants with a small gift. This time all participants who collected more than 50 CAT points will receive a free NetBeans 8.1 branded polo t-shirt.

If you are entitled for the reward, please specify your preferred t-shirt size in the table below and correct your sex (M, F) in case of wrong estimate. The available sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL in European cuts.

ID Name Sex Size Address known Mailed
1 Marek Cendrowicz M XXL Yes
2 Manikantan Narender Nath M M Yes
3 Giuseppe Tino M M Yes
4 Eric Barboni M XL
5 Pavel Selivanov M L
6 Alied Perez M XL Yes
7 Goutham Kumar M S Yes
8 Yonathan WeldeGebriel M L Yes
9 Hermien Pellissier F M
10 Cezariusz Marek M M Yes
11 Mario Pérez F M Yes
12 Lou Dasaro M XXL
13 Luca Mambretti M XL Yes
14 Mark Wilmoth M XXXL Yes
15 Gary Jarvis M XXL Yes
16 Marcos Paulo M L
17 Mark Stephens M L Yes
18 Jagdeesh Kumar M M Yes
19 Rick Hegarty M
20 William Shackleford M XXXL Yes
21 Nigel Broadhead M XL
22 Vidhyadharan Deivamani M XXL
23 John McDonnell M XXXL
24 Michael Müller M XL
25 Lehel Sipos M L
26 Yannis - Pastis Glaros M L
27 Benno Markiewicz M M
28 Raitis Brodezhonok M L Yes
29 Vitaliy Khashin M M
30 Venkata Kiran Surapaneni M
31 Anael Mobilia M XL Yes
32 Michael Santos M XXXL
33 Ahmad Hosny M L Yes
34 Arnaud Hamon M L Yes
35 Georgia Ingham F M Yes
36 Mitch Claborn M XL Yes
37 Rashmi Dixit F L Yes
38 Jukka Luotonen M XXL Yes
39 Michel Graciano M L
40 Banu Rajamani M L Yes
41 David Bolsover M
42 Thomas Kruse M XL
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