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NetCAT 7.2 Gifts Receipt List

NetCAT 7.2 participants listed in the table below were rewarded for their activity and contributions with a small gift. This page tracks whether all addressees received their packages and when.

Name Surname Country Sent Received
Mark Wilmoth USA 2012-09-03
Michel Graciano Brazil 2012-09-03
Hermien Pellissier South Africa 2012-09-03
Javier Ortiz Bultron USA 2012-09-03
Saptarshi Purkayastha India 2012-09-03
Yonathan Weldegebriel Ethiopia 2012-09-03
Efrem McCrimon USA 2012-09-03
Goran Mišković Serbia 2012-09-03
Glenn Holmer USA 2012-09-03
Stefan Wilfling Austria 2012-09-03
Aldo Brucale Italy 2012-09-03
Tim Sparg South Africa 2012-09-03
Yannis Pastis Glaros Greece 2012-09-03
Ulf Zibis Germany 2012-09-13
Guan Junming China 2012-09-03
Thomas Kruse Germany 2012-09-03
Holger Stenzhorn Germany 2012-09-03
Jim Powell USA 2012-09-13
Vojtěch Sigler Czech Republic 2012-09-13
Luis Lobo Borobia Argentina 2012-09-03
William Bacchi Italy 2012-09-03
Michael Müller Germany 2012-09-03
Dhawal Saiya India 2012-08-30
Alied Pérez Argentina 2012-09-03
Constantin Drabo Burkina Faso 2012-09-03
Viggo Navarsete Norway 2012-09-13
Angelo Quaglia Italy 2012-09-03
Pranav Raulkar India 2012-08-30
Vano Beridze Georgia 2012-09-13
Borer Jean-Marc Switzerland 2012-09-03
Jose Galaviz Mexico 2012-09-13
Pavel Selivanov Russia 2012-09-03
Kamil Szmit Poland 2012-09-03
Mario Pérez Spain 2012-09-03 2012-09-10
Lehel Sipos Hungary 2012-09-13
André Sabosch Germany 2012-09-03
Peter Nabbefeld Germany 2012-09-03
Andrey Shvetsov Germany 2012-09-03
Deepak Chandrasekaran Australia 2012-09-03
John Yeary USA 2012-09-03
Hugonnet Emmanuel France 2012-09-03
Paolo Scarabelli Indonesia 2012-09-03
Vidhyadharan D India 2012-08-30
Tushar Joshi India 2012-08-30
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