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NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 Community Regression Testing

This page contains result of NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 regression testing performed by volunteers from NetCAT 6.9 program participants. The basic and only purpose of this initiative is to gather verdicts from more individuals and this way to gain a solid understanding that NetBeans IDE 6.9.1 does not introduce any true showstoppers (i.e. P1 bugs). A showstopper is defined as:

  • a deadlock
  • a data loss or settings loss
  • a crash of product
  • a serious performance regression

Directs For Use

  1. Download latest NetBeans 6.9.1 build.
  2. Verify that all your issues fixed in 6.9.1 are really fixed.
  3. Sanity test that features you use most work as expected. (i.e. same as in 6.9)
  4. Report all P1 issues you find (optional step :-)
  5. Complete your row in the table below by July 16th.
ID Name, Surname Username Test Completed Build Tested Features Tested Go/NoGo Verdict
1 Jiri Kovalsky jkovalsky 2010-06-29 #201006282301 Java/HTML Editor, Debugger, CVS Checkout/Diff/Commit Go
2 Javier A. Ortiz Bultrón javydreamercsw
3 Jeremy Nelson tjjn06
4 Ulf Zibis UlfZibis
5 Mario Pérez Madueño mperezma
6 Alied Pérez Martínez alied
7 Lazo Lazarev lazarius
8 Jason Donmoyer jasondonmoyer Java/XML/Ant Editor, Debugger, Mercurial, FreeForm Projects
9 Scott Palmer swpalmer
10 Eric M. Smith esmithbss
11 Macarthur Inbody 133794m3r
12 Keith Davis laurin1
13 Marcin Starnacki mstarnacki
14 Michel Graciano hmichel 2010-06-29 #201006282301 Linux install and settings import, Java/XML/Ant Editor, Matisse, Oracle Database access and usage, Hudson support, Debugger, CVS Update/Diff/Commit
15 Glenn Holmer gholmer
16 Niklas Matthies matthies
17 David Heffelfinger dheffelfinger
18 Aldo Brucale aldobrucale
19 Goran Miskovic schkovich PHP, MySQL, JavaScript
20 Michael Nascimento Santos misterm


  • If you give NoGo, include ID #s of your P1 issues. For example: NoGo (#123456)
  • Rows not completed by July 16th will be removed and ignored.
  • P2-P4 issues do not qualify for NoGo verdict.
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