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NetBeans Community Acceptance Testing program (NetCAT)


Welcome to the NetBeans IDE community testing initiative! If you have not heard about NetCAT before, please read what it's all about. Simply put, the goal of NetCAT program is to get early feedback on the main features and confirmation from NetBeans community that quality of the product is ready for FCS release.


Both NetCAT program and Community Acceptance (CA) survey are open for the whole NetBeans community in order to obtain as much objective feedback on the RC build quality as possible. We kindly ask all potential participants to read responsibilities of NetCAT participant before joining the program in order to understand and adhere to NetCAT etiquette rules.

Members of the NetCAT program enjoy special privileges. They have an opportunity to nominate bugs which they and their colleagues consider critical to the success of the NetBeans IDE. Members who submit bugs during this program have their bugs marked with a prefix that guarantees special attention from developers and QE engineers. Additionally, they can request new features for future releases. Finally, there are some gifts ready for the most helpful members, of course. The most important thing is that we want our community to accept the release. Your views and opinions are important to us!

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