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m (One more rebuild of 8.2 FCS build due to #268252.)
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!colspan="7"| Testing of 8.2 FCS build is running.
!colspan="7"| Testing of 8.2 FCS build has been successfully completed.
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|- style="background-color:#A0BBFF;align:center"
!rowspan="2"| Participant
!rowspan="2"| Participant

Current revision as of 10:41, 12 December 2016

NetCAT Team

Testing of 8.2 FCS build has been successfully completed.
Participant Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test
Tribe/Tested area Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go
Joe Tester Maven, Java Editor Go JavaEE > All Go
Anael Mobilia PHP Go
Hermien Pellissier API Support Go JavaSE > All Go
Thomas Kruse Freerider Go JavaSE > All Go
Eric Barboni Maven Go JavaEE > All Go
Yannis Pastis Glaros PHP Go PHP > All Go
Hermien Pellissier JavaFX Go - bug 268222 fixed
Giuseppe Tino [VCS]Git Go Git> All Go

Sanity test

  • Run assigned sanity test specification in Synergy on your operating system and latest update build of JDK 8.

Install/Extend/Uninstall test

For example for Java SE to All scenario:

  • download Java SE bundle from 8.2 install page
  • run IDE (on particular JDK)
  • try simple test case from your area of responsibility
  • upgrade to All distribution :
    • go to Tools > Plugins, select tab Settings
    • disable Certified Plugins and Plugin Portal update centers
    • select tab Available Plugins and select all plugins
    • push Install
  • run your sanity test specification
  • uninstall IDE (the whole directory should be removed) / on Mac: just remove "" from Applications


NoGo verdict can only be given in case a true P1 showstopper issue is newly found and reported.

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