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NetBeans 8.1 Patch 1 testing is running
Responsible (OS) Upgrade from 8.1 to Patch 1 sanity test
Upgrade from Sanity test area Go / NoGo
Jirka Prox (Windows 7 - 64b) JavaSE Editor, Java
Jiří Kovalský (Linux Mint 17.1 - 64b) All Debugger, Unit Testing
Štěpán Žebra (Mac OS X 10.11) HTML5/JavaScript Easel
Alexander Pepin (Windows 7 - 64b) C/C++ CND
Bret Ryan (Mac OS X 10.10.5) JavaEE Databases
Ahmad Hosny (Windows 7 - 64b) All Groovy
JavaEE not tested
GlassFish not tested
Profiler not tested
Connected Developer not tested

Upgrade from 8.1 to Patch 1 test

  1. Install JDK 8 Update 71
  2. Install NetBeans 8.1 distribution assigned to you (JavaSE, JavaEE, C/C++, HTML5/JavaScript, All)
  3. In case of All distribution activate some functionality area in Tools > Plugins > Installed
  4. Make sure that Certified Plugins Update Center is Active and Edit its URL to in Tools > Plugins > Settings
  5. Make sure that NetBeans Distribution Update Center is Active and Edit its URL to in Tools > Plugins > Settings
  6. Switch to Updates tab, make sure that all plugins are selected for update and click Update button
  7. After NetBeans IDE restarts itself test
  8. Sanity test area assigned to you
  9. Exit NetBeans IDE and uninstall it
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