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==Frameworks & Tools==
==Frameworks & Tools==
* Added Nette Tester
* Added Nette Tester
* Code Analysis - support for PHP CS Fixer

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Indent Guide Lines

The Guide Lines are dotted lines drawn every tab size before a character on the line. They are shown by default. You can turn off feature in menu View-Show Indent Guide Lines. To change line's color go to Options-Font&Colors-Highlighting-Indent Guide Lines. Issue 182513



Java SE Embedded

Deploy, run, debug or profile Java SE application on an embedded device, such as Raspberry PI, directly from the NetBeans IDE. No new project is required, you can use any Java SE (and FX) project!

More detailed information can be found on Java SE Embedded wiki page: JavaSEEmbeddedHowTo

Java ME Embedded

NetBeans 8.0 will include support for Java ME Embedded 8, that will bring big update of Java ME.

More details and information related to the Java ME 8 Embedded support in NetBeans can be found on ME Embedded page: JavaMEEmbeddedHowTo


  • Exclude classes directly from a code completion list Issue 236313
  • Show Javadoc as tooltip while hovering (Note: hold CTRL-key) Issue 95691

Java Enterprise Edition

JavaServer Faces

  • Bundled JavaServer Faces updated to 2.2.4
  • Bundled PrimeFaces updated to 4.0
  • JSF Pages form Entity Classes can generate PrimeFaces templates (CRUD application)

  • JSF Hints and fixes about deprecated javax.faces.bean of the next JSF version


  • Facelets Template Client wizard asks for sections to generate - RFE #234204


  • JSF Form/Table snippet generation got select box to choose templates styles (PrimeFaces or standard JSF)


  • Navigation into custom components defined by @FacesComponent annotation


  • Navigation and code completion for the source of the ui:include element - RFE #234501



  • New action Fix namespaces - bound with Fix Imports shortcuts - RFE #205232



  • Code completion within JSF Composite Components - types and properties - RFE #225813


Expression Language



  • JPA hints are configurable now (you can disable, enable, change warning level)


  • Bundled hibernate library is updated to 4.2.6 and eclipselink to 2.5.1
  • You can select to generate MappedSuperslasses in entities from db wizard now.


  • In beans.xml code completion for alternative classes and stereotypes from the same project is added, it's enabled for cdi 1.1 only. Issue 229795



  • Improved performance when re-running Web applications. RFE #230565.
  • Copy on Save for static resources enables to get better control over the Compile on Save (CoS) / Deploy on Save (DoS) feature. Now it is possible to disable standard CoS/DoS for java classes while still having static resources (html, xhtml, css etc.) updated after the save. RFE #218345


  • Added possibility not to remember application server used for deployment. Might be used for example when testing application with various types of application server RFE #199597





  • Breadcrumbs


  • Hint "Introduce variable"
  • Hint "Assign Return Value To New Variable"
  • Completions "Implement/Override/Generate method"
  • Completion "Extract method body from class declaration"


  • Improve remote performance



  • Support for PHP 5.5
  • Support for PSR-0 and PSR-1 Standards
  • Enabled External Documentation Button in Code Completion Window
  • Added "Init Field" Suggestion
  • Added Hint to Check the Number of Return Statements in a Function Declaration
  • Added Hint to Check Wrong Param Names in PHPDocs


  • Enabled External Documentation Button in Code Completion Window


  • Enabled External Documentation Button in Code Completion Window
  • Added Hints to Check Deprecated Macros, etc.
  • Add Code Completion for Declared Controls in Corresponding Presenter


  • Code Completion of Class Methods


  • Composer Supported by New Project Wizard
  • Support for More Test Roots per Project
  • Support for Remote Synchronization for Directories
  • Support for Private Include Path
  • Used SSH Agent

Frameworks & Tools

  • Added Nette Tester
  • Code Analysis - support for PHP CS Fixer


Unit Testing



Support for 1.8 working copies

With bundled SVNKit and JavaHL in 1.8 versions it is not needed to switch to a commandline client to work with 1.8 working copies.


Tree view in the Diff panel

You can switch between the flat table and the tree view with the two toggle buttons in the toolbar.

Simpler clone wizard

Issue 235506 RFE
You don't have to go through all three clone wizard's panels. If you fill the destination folder directly on the first panel and click on Finish, the action will work much like the git clone with a commandline client and it will use default values for remote and checkout branch.

Transparent work with Git submodules

Working with submodules should be much easier. You can now commit a submodule's state directly from the IDE, submodules will be automatically (if you accept it of course) initialized and updated after a clone. When pushing the parent repository the IDE will check if all submodule's changes will have been committed and warn you before reaching an inconsistent state in the remote repository. Issue 207067 Issue 237621

Branch filter in the Search History view

Issue 235882 RFE

Review of commits after pull/fetch/push

After pulling/fetching/pushing links to the summary view/diff view are added output window Issue 229808

TODO: add screenshot

Other improvements

  • update to JGit 3.x Issue 230572
  • ability to change branch tracking Issue 230991
    • in the Git Repository Browser you can select a local branch and call Setup Tracked Branch from the popup menu to set the branch tracking for this local branch
    • or via context menu "Git|Branch/Tag|Set Tracked Branch..."
  • improved push to upstream work-flow - when a git push would result in a non fast-forward merge (the remote repository contains unmerged commits), you are warned and offered the option to pull the changes into the current local branch and eventually do the push again automatically.
    Issue 238398
  • added a new action "Commit Project..." Issue 235887
  • after cloning NetBeans offers to add the cloned repository to the favorites view Issue 235507



Window System

  • New API to customize editor tabs #236176
  • Reorganized Options window

  • Document groups to restore a set of editor windows including their docking positions. #238096

  • DO_NOTHING_ON_CLOSE in NotifyDescriptor #196200
  • Editor tabs scroll as needed during drag and drop


Recent Searches can be cleared (Issue 175494):

Data Systems

Files in folders can be sorted by extension (Issue 230821):

Output Window

  • Output Window supports horizontal scrolling on Mac (Issue 216127)

Project Groups

Project Groups UI was redesigned (Issue 236743, Issue 237120, Issue 164892)


"Select In >" in the popup menu of search results (Issue 103791)

Common file actions in popup menu of search results (Issue 185030)

Copy File Path action works for multiple selected files (Issue 190961)

HTML Project

Grunt Support


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