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  • Deadline: before 4:00 PM on 16th of October, 2015 (CEST)
  • Tested build: JDK 8u65 with NetBeans 8.0.2 (Oracle internal)
  • Note: If download refuses to start and complains about not accepted license, go to JDK 8u60 with NetBeans 8.0.2 page, accept license there, accept license again on the tested and then download should work. You might need to press Ctrl+Shift+F5 to switch between staging and live versions of the download page.
  • Issues: report new bug, already reported bugs

What to test

  1. Install JDK and NetBeans with JUnit and all updates using downloaded installer. (32b or 64b - depends on table below)
  2. Run IDE with bundled JDK and make sure you are using #201411181905 NetBeans build and 1.8.0_65-b17 Java runtime.
  3. If needed upgrade to distribution you need (PHP, Java EE, ...)
  4. Create a new project from the area you are responsible for.
  5. Compile and run project.
  6. Briefly test debugger on your project.
  7. If applicable, test deployment of your web/j2ee project to some application server.
  8. Sanity test your area.
  9. Uninstall NetBeans.
Testing of NetBeans 8.0.2 and JDK 8 Update 65 bundle is running.
Responsible (OS) Area JDK8u65 / 32b JDK8u65 / 64b
Sanity test Final download test Sanity test Final download test
Jiří Prox (Windows 7 - 64b) Editor, Java
Štěpán Žebra (Mac OS X 10.10) Java EE, Glassfish
Jiří Kovalský (Linux Mint 17.1 - 64b) Unit Testing, Debugger
Jiří Skřivánek (Windows 8.1 - 64b) Profiler
Vladimír Říha (Ubuntu 14.04 - 32b) Easel, Web editors
Alexander Pepin (Windows 7 - 64b) CND
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