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Being tested now
Responsible (OS) Sanity test Install/Extend/Activate/Upgrade/Uninstall tests
based on TABLE
Area Go / No Go Go / No Go
Tomas D. (Mac OS X Maverics 10.9 / 64b) Maven(J2SE), DB, Platform Go
Jirka Prox (Win7 / 64b) Editor/ Java
Jirka Kovalsky (Linux Mint 12 / 64b - Ubuntu 11.10) Debugger, jUnit/testNG
Stepan (Windows 7 Pro SP1 64b) Java EE / Glassfish
Jirka Skrivanek (Win7 / 64b) Profiler
Marian (Ubuntu 13.04 / 64b) -
Lada (Ubuntu 12.04/32b) Easel, Web editors Go
Martin (Ubuntu 12.04-32b/Win7-64b) Subversion, Mobility
Milan (Win7-64b) PHP
David (Win8-64b) Window System, Projects Go
Standa (Win7-64b) TS_7_Refactoring2
Alexander (Win/Linux/Solaris) CND
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Groovy not tested

Sanity test

  • run assigned Sanity test specification on your Operating System (preferred JDK7)

Install/Extend/Activate/Upgrade//Uninstall tests based on TABLE

  • find your name in table
  • install NB 743 Distribution-from-table - run on JDK-from-table !!!
  • E - means Extend to distribution from table (used for non-ALL installation distro)
  • A - means Activate part of the IDE (used for ALL installation distro)
  • update to Patch 1 (7.4 -E/A-> P1 -> P2), or to 7.4 Patch 2 (7.4 -E/A-> Patch 2)
  • update
  • open project from the area of your responsibility
  • check the functionality for regressions
  • uninstall the IDE
  • write date into the table (beside your name)

(do not forget to remove rest of netbeans folder before next round of test)

Automated tests results

  • Jirka Skrivanek - run Unit C/V and UI C/V (internal - failing correctly as the version of the module changed in a patch) -
  • Tomas Danek - run [update & check correct installation test] - Go


Being tested now
Participant (OS) Upgrade from 7.4 Patch 1 to Patch 2 test
Upgrade scenario JDK 7u45 32b/64b Tested features Go / No Go Comments
Joe Tester (Linux Mint 16 / 64b) 7.4 Java EE Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 2 JDK 7 Update 45 64b Editor (Java 7, JSP, Servlet, SQL), Tomcat 7, Git Go My test took ~1 hour
Manikantan Narender Nath (Mac OSX - Mavericks) 7.4 Java EE Java SDK 7 Update 45 b18 Editor, Maven, Tomcat 7, JPA wiht Eclipse Link Go Had to run check for update once before I could see the text "Updates: NetBeans IDE is updated to version NetBeans 7.4 Patch 1" in the about dialog.
Lou Dasaro (Win 8.1 - 32b) 7.4 All > 7.4 All Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 2 JDK 7u45 32b JavaFX, built samples, Ensemble etc, test/debug Go Tested for an hour, no issues so far!
Glenn Holmer (Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit) 7.4 / added C/C++ / patch 2 7u45 64-bit Java EE Go light testing only, as we are already using 8.0 and JDK8 for our upcoming project
Michael Bar-Sinai (MacOS X 10.9) 7.4 p1 > added p2 as described 7u45 64-bit Java SE, nb-scala, JUnit, fiddling around with the IDE Go Also, looks great on Retina display. Extraneous spaces after italic text are finally gone :-)
Mark Wilmoth (Windows 7 64-bit) 7.4 All Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 2 JDK 7 Update 45 64-bit Clean/Build/Run: Java SE Free-Form, Ant & Maven Projects; Java Web w/JSP & Servlet on GlassFish4; JavaEE (Pet Catalog) GlassFish4 & MySQL. Go My test took ~1 hour
Benno Markiewicz (Windows 7 64-bit) 7.4 All Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 2 JDK 7 Update 45 64-bit Maven-based NBM-programming, Java Editor, some basic Java debugging and Git usage Go 2.5 hours of working
Holger Stenzhorn (Mac OS X 10.9, Windows 7 (64-bit)) 7.4 Java All Patch 1 > 7.4 All Patch 2 Java SDK 7 Update 45 (64-bit) Editor, Tomcat 7, Webapp, SVN Go (Same issue/comment as Manikantan Narender)
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