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RC1 - is under testing
Responsible (OS) RC1 FCS
Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test
Area Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go
Tomas D. (Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 / 64b) Maven(J2SE), DB, Platform Java SE to All JavaSE Java SE to All
Jirka Prox (Win7 / 64b) Editor/ Java Java SE to All All Java SE to All
Jirka Kovalsky (Linux Mint 12 / 64b - Ubuntu 11.10) Debugger, jUnit/testNG Java SE to All JavaSE Java SE to All
Stepan (Windows 7 Pro SP1 64b) Java EE / Glassfish Java EE to All All Java EE to All
Jirka Skrivanek (Win7 / 64b) Profiler Java EE to All JavaEE Java EE to All
Marian (Ubuntu 12.04 / 64b) - PHP to All All PHP to All
Lada (Ubuntu 12.04/32b) Easel, Web editors PHP to All PHP PHP to All
Martin (Ubuntu 12.04-32b/Win7-64b) Subversion, Mobility Go/Go All Go PHP All
Milan (Win7-64b) PHP All PHP All
Matej (Win8-64b) Window System, Projects All Java EE to All All
Standa (Win7-64b) TS_7_Refactoring2 All All All
Alexander (Solaris/Linux/Win/Mac) CND C/C++ to All C/C++ C/C++ to All
Connected Developer not tested
Groovy not tested

NetCAT Team

RC1 build is being tested
Participant Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test
Tribe Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go
Hermien Pellissier (Windows 8 64-bit) API Support, Maven API Support: Go
Maven: Go but Issue 235942, Issue 235991
Java EE to All
Don Supun Liyanage [1]DB , CND Go Java EE to All Go
Eric Barboni Maven Platform, Actions items Go but (Issue 232696) Java SE to All Go
Nils Hoffmann (Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit) Groovy Go Java EE to All Go
Benno Markiewicz (Win7 64-bit) Freeride, some NBM programming & Git NOGO because of Issue 235958 (cannot trust the IDE this way) (other minors found: Issue 235955, Issue 112566, Issue 235998, Issue 235999) Java SE to All Go
Thomas Kruse (Ubuntu 13.04/Gnome3.8 64-bit) Maven, Freeride: JavaEE, HTML5, JavaScript, PHP Go All Go
Lou Dasaro (Win7, Win8, 32-bit) and (Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit) JavaFX, Installer Go Java SE to All Go
Sven Reimers (Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 / 64b) Freeride, Java, JavaFX, Editor using SourceLevel 1.8 Go but Issue 235288 Java SE to All Go
Anton V. Kirilchik (Windows 8 x64, JDK 7u40) C/C++ Go All Go
Pavel Selivanov (Ubuntu 13.04 amd64, JDK 7u40) PHP Go All Go
Yannis - Pastis Glaros (Windows 8 x64) PHP Go Java SE to All Go
David BRASSELY (Mac OS X Moutain Lion) Freeride: JavaEE, Java, Maven Go Java SE to All Go
Angelo Quaglia (Win 7) Freeride: Java, Java Web, Maven, Junit, Groovy Go Java SE to All Go
Holger Stenzhorn (Mac OS X 10.8.5) WebApp, Subversion Go Java SE to All Go
William Bacchi (Ubuntu 13.04) Debugger Go All Go
Yonathan Weldegebriel (Mac OS X 10.5) GUI Builder Go All Go
Mark Wilmoth (Windows 7 64-bit) [Java] [Editor] I have been doing a lot of testing over the last 6 weeks and I did not do any formal sanity tests in my area on RC1, but I installed/uninstalled and have been programming in Java and it is as sound as any other RC release I have tested, so based on this I say Go.

Sanity test

  • run assigned Sanity test specification on your Operating System (preferred JDK7)

Install/Extend/Uninstall test

(e.g. Java SE to All or Java EE to All ...

  • download JavaSE bundle from 7.4 install page
  • run IDE (on particular jdk)
  • try simple test case from your area of responsibility
  • upgrade to All distribution :
    • go to Tools | Plugins, select tab 'Settings'
    • disable : 'Certified Plugins'
    • select tab 'Available Plugins' and Select All plugins
    • push Install
  • run your sanity Test Specification
  • uninstall IDE (the whole directory should be removed) / on Mac: just remove "" from Applications


Other 7.4 tests

Scenario Responsible Go/No Go status
Run 7.4 SSBTD on RC1 and FCS Jirka S.
Run Performance tests on FCS Jirka S.
Import of 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 settings, reuse 7.3 userdir Tomas D. NoGO
Help system Jirka K.
Check MD5s
PHP & JavaME samples Milan
HTML samples Lada
JavaEE samples Stepan
JavaSE Jirka P.
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