NetBeans 73 NewAndNoteworthy QE Coverage

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| [[NetBeans_73_NewAndNoteworthy#Export.2FImport_Formatting_options|Export/Import Formatting options]]
| [[NetBeans_73_NewAndNoteworthy#Export.2FImport_Formatting_options|Export/Import Formatting options]]
| Jirka Prox
| Jirka Prox
| [[TS_73_Formatting#Test_suite:_Export_Settings | TS_73_Formatting]]
| done
| [[NetBeans_73_NewAndNoteworthy#null_Dereference|null Dereference]]
| [[NetBeans_73_NewAndNoteworthy#null_Dereference|null Dereference]]

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Features Responsible Coverage (list of updated TS, link to hudson job, ...) Status
Clipboard History Jirka Prox TS_73_Editor done
Show number of matches in searchbar Jirka Prox TS_73_Editor done
Breadcrumbs Jirka Prox
Copy File Path Jirka Prox TS_73_Editor done
Support of line numbers in 'Go To File'-dialog Jirka Prox
Web Client
JavaScript Editor Lada Riha TS_73_WebClient_Test_Specifications Done
JavaScript Debugger Lada Riha TS_73_WebClient_Test_Specifications Done
JavaScript Unit Testing Lada Riha TS_73_WebClient_Test_Specifications Done
HTML5 Application Lada Riha TS_73_WebClient_Test_Specifications Done
CSS Styling Lada Riha TS_73_WebClient_Test_Specifications Done
Refactoring Jirka Prox
Export/Import Formatting options Jirka Prox TS_73_Formatting done
null Dereference Jirka Prox in progress (NetCat)
Organize Members Jirka Prox Java Editor TS done
Source Menu Actions Jirka Prox Java Editor TS done
Implement Unimplemented Methods Jirka Prox in progress (NetCat)
Invert If Jirka Prox in progress (NetCat)
Move initilization to constructor Jirka Prox in progress (NetCat)
Customizable Method Bodies Jirka Prox
Support of fully qualified names in Go To Type Jirka Prox
Highlighting of matching patterns in Go To Type Jirka Prox
Ant Tomas Tokoly Ant Nothing special has changed
Maven Tomas Danek TS_73_Maven Done
Sampled memory profiling Petr Cyhelsky ProfilerTestSpecification73 done
Comparing CPU snapshots Petr Cyhelsky ProfilerTestSpecification73 done
Retained size by class Petr Cyhelsky ProfilerTestSpecification73 done
New Attach Settings dialog Petr Cyhelsky ProfilerTestSpecification73 in progress
Support for Linux ARM architecture Petr Cyhelsky Is not testable without ARM Device Won't do
Java EE
JPA Jirka Skrivanek TS JPQL Editor Done
REST Jirka Skrivanek TS_73_RESTWebServices Done
Editor Martin Kanak TS 73 PHP Code Completion Done
Project Martin Kanak Composer Support Done
Smarty Lada Riha TS 73 Smarty Done
Twig Martin Kanak TS 73 PHP Code Completion Done
Groovy Lada Riha TS_73_Groovy Done
C/C++ Alexander Pepin
Java FX
FXML / SceneBuilder Support Stepan Zebra TS 73 JavaFX2 done
Project Infrastructure Stepan Zebra TS 73 JavaFX2 done
Other Stepan Zebra TS 73 JavaFX2 done
Window System Tomas Tokoly Window System, Main Window Done
Options Tomas Tokoly Window System Done
Autoupdate Tomas Danek / Marian
Output Window Tomas Tokoly Output Window Done
Installer Tomas Danek

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