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Clipboard History

Access to last 9 clipboard entries. shortcut: ctrl+shift+D Image:ClipboardHistory.png

Show number of matches in searchbar



A new navigation bar shows the current embedding in the editor. Image:breadcrumbs.png

Copy File Path

A new action to copy file path of file to clipboard. You can also select files in project view and get their files paths to clipboard separated by new line. Shortcut Alt+Shift+L



'Go To File'-dialog

Support of line numbers

The file dialog was enhanced to support line numbers. For example '' will open the file at line 123, if the line number is valid for the file.


JavaScript Editor

The JavaScript Editor was rewritten. The new editor brings many improvements and features that ware not in the previous one.

  • The coloring schema was changed and improved.
  • New formatter with many options
  • Model based code completion - new the code completion should be more clever, suggestions should more fit what you need.
  • Supporting ScriptDoc, ExtDoc and JsDoc.
  • Better occurrence support, also in the documentation.
  • Better supporting for JQuery
  • Recognizing JavaScript patterns
  • Core signature files updated to EcmaScript 5.1
Plenty of Code Templates and possibility to define custom Code Templates separately for JavaScript source and documentation (block, doc comments)
Brand new formatter with lot of options including indentation, spaces and wrapping.
code completion improvements - completion per documentation tool, CC entry templates
mark occurences within documentation for names and declared types
instant rename on found occurences
comments generation for the JavaScript functions, variables, objects, properties Before:



Added filters for the Find Usages results.

Export/Import Formatting options

Added option to export/import java formatting and indentation for all languages Image:ExportImport.png


null Dereference

A new warning that shows places that may cause NullPointException was added:


Organize Members

A new optional warning checking that class' members follow the selected formatting setting was added, together with a fix for that warning:

Before After
Image:organize-members-before.png Image:organize-members-after.png

Source Menu Actions

Organize Members and Organize Imports hint are now available as explicit actions in the Source menu:



Implement Unimplemented Methods

When the caret is on an implemented interface or extended class, an option is given to implement only the methods from the interface or class:


Invert If

An option is given to invert the condition of the if statement, together with swapping the then and else section of the statement:

Before After
Image:invert-if-before.png Image:invert-if-after.png

Move initilization to constructor

An option is given to move a field initialization into constructors:

Before After
Image:move-to-initializer-before.png Image:move-to-initializer-after.png

Customizable Method Bodies

Bodies of newly created methods can now be customized in Tools/Templates/Java/Code Snippets:


'Go To Type'-Dialog

Support of fully qualified names

Now it supports fully qualified names like

  • java.util.Collection -> finds java.util.Collection, java.util.Collection
  • j.u.col -> finds java.util.Collection, java.util.Collection
  • java.u.AL -> finds java.util.ArrayList, java.util.AbstractList, ...


Highlighting of matching patterns

Matching patterns are highlighted bold



Bundled Ant upgraded to 1.8.4.


  • Less memory needed to for Maven projects, in some cases significantly
  • Effective POM editor tab in pom.xml editor
  • Code Generator for pom.xml files to generate License elements with list of licenses known to the IDE. Added benefit there is automatic license header generation for new files.
  • POM Hint marking blacklisted repositories for deletion from the pom.xml file. Blacklist configurable, with repositories as default value.
  • Introduce property POM hint takes selected text and offers to create a new property or existing one if it covers the selected text. The selection is replaced by property expression.
  • Compile on Save is disabled by default.


Sampled memory profiling

  • Memory profiler now provides sampled histograms of live objects imposing virtually no overhead to the profiled app.


Comparing CPU snapshots

  • CPU snapshots can now be compared the same way as memory snapshots.


Retained size by class

  • Classes view in HeapWalker now provides cumulative retained sizes per class.


New Attach Settings dialog

  • Attach Wizard has been replaced by a much simpler Attach Settings dialog.


Support for Linux ARM architecture

  • Profiler can now attach to a remote Java application running on a Linux ARM machine.

Java EE


Stand alone jpql editor is added, you can run your jpql from ide directly instead of running your j2se jpa application, you may need to add jdbc driver to project's classpath and start db connection manually if connection isn't registered withing Netbeans and you need to build your application. JPQL Editor support code completion for JPQL keywords and for managed entities, it can provide you SQL representation of your JPQL query if eclipselink or hibernate provider is used or hints what is wrong with your JPQL query.

Image:JPQLEditor1.png Image:JPQLEditor2.png


Jersey based configuration automatically extends project's classpath with Jersey libraries ( with packaging disabled if they are bundled with target JEE server ) and JSON related improvement is implemented ( see issue 209969 ).



  • Parsers for Namespaced Annotations (Symfony 2, Doctrine 2, etc.)


  • "Insert code" item at Context menu
  • Fluent Setters - Allow user to generate setters with fluent interface
  • Fix Uses - Improved Aliases - Newly created aliases can be generated from first letters of namespaces: \Nette\Security as NS (and then numbered)
  • CC for "use trait" statements - Code Completion works for traits in "use trait" statements
  • Ambiguous Comparison Hint - Tries to reveal typos in assignments (assignments with more than one assignment operator)


  • Basic Composer Integration (Dependency Manager for PHP)


  • Detect and resolve project problems (invalid source roots, include path)






  • Code Completion (with documentation)


  • Code Templates
  • Interpolation Coloring


  • Groovy 2.0 integration
  • Groovy support in Java EE projects
  • Groovy JUnit test support
  • Run/Debug/Test/Test Debug actions in groovy file context menu
  • Better editor occurrences highlighting
  • Simple refactoring implemented (Find Usages, Rename)


  • Memory usage improvements - requires 2x less memory for big projects
  • Parser speed and scalability improvements
  • Relocatable index - with some setup project index may be kept with project metadata and used even if the project was moved
  • VCS ready projects - major improvement in how projects are stored in VCS


FXML / SceneBuilder Support

FXML editor with code completion
  • Implemented code completion for raw .fxml editor
  • Controllers can be generated or existing controllers updated from .fxml file
  • Partial validation with error hints
  • Javascript event handler syntax highlighting and code completion

Project Infrastructure

  • Platform infrastructure updated to support JDK 7u6+ on Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Optimized build infrastructure makes repeated project runs and rebuilds faster
  • Support multiple concurrent runs of the same FX Project
  • Support native deployment introduced in JDK 7u6/FX SDK 2.2
  • Fallback JavaScript-free build infrastructure to support JDKs without scripting engine


  • Insert Code... ->Add Property... now supports JavaFX 2 properties


Window System

  • UI indication of main toolbar overflow with a new possibility to see the items in a drop down menu rather then being cut and invisible.
  • New action introduced for reopening the recently closed document - File / Open Recent File submenu, and a new shortcut CTRL+ALT+T.
  • There's a new switch in Tools - Options - Miscellaneous - Windows to use native file chooser on Mac OS X.
  • When dragging a window to a new location there's visual indication when document type window will be mixed with non-document windows and vice versa.


Filtering of the contents of Options dialog (Tools / Options) - new search field available in the top right corner of the dialog.


  • Allow to install locally downloaded OSGi bundles jars in the Download tab in Plugin Manager (Issue 181683)

Output Window

Font and Colors Settings


  • In the end of installation the IDE the installer will be check Update Centers for possible updates, also JUnit library if the license accepted, will be installed directly during IDE installation.


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