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List of JavaServer Faces 2.2 features vs. NetBeans IDE support



Since JavaServer Faces specification in version 2.2 should be completed during NetBeans 7.3 development phase including its support from the GlassFish application server, we should be able to implement support for features of this JSF release.

In following section should be mentioned all known JSF features which should "IDE support-able" and suggestions for them - like difficultness and feature suggestions.

Be aware that the JSF 2.2 specification is still changing and many of described features could work differently or some of features could be added/removed in addition.

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JSF 2.2 features

The viewAction Component


    <f:viewAction action="#{someBean.someAction}" />

Base Support: new <f:viewAction> component (AUTO & NEEDED)
More information:

Faces Flow

Description/Example: In web applications, and in applications in general actually, there is often the concept of a “flow” that takes the user through a series of screens. Such flows includes wizards, multi-screen subscriptions, bookings, etc.

  • Base Support: @FlowScoped anntotaion, new tablib "xmlns:j=""" should be working by deafult???, as well as new j:<coponents>???
  • Suggestion #1: EL should have new implicit variable in CC: facesFlowScope (EASY & NEEDED)
  • Suggestion #2: Wizard - Create new FacesFlow: It would help to create skeleton for new faces-flow: create FF folder (by convention), ask for steps pages, not sure how much would be possible to define whole faces-flow-definition, see (COMPLEX & NICE_TO_HAVE)
  • Suggestion #3: Hint - CDI not enabled (at @FlowScoped or j:<component>) when the CDI is not enabled since JSF 2.2 is dependend on CDI here (MODERATE & NICE_TO_HAVE)
  • Suggestion #4: EL Faces-Flow CC - i.e. #{facesFlowScope.someKey} someKey variable could be available accross rest pages of the same scope - of the same folder??? (UNKNOWN & NICE_TO_HAVE)

More information:

Queue control for AJAX requests

Description/Example: Delay attribute of the <f:ajax> tag can specify AJAX requests queue behavior.

Base Support: new delay attribute at <f:ajax> component (AUTO & NEEDED)
More information:

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