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Under testing ...
Responsible (OS) Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test Upgrade from 7.3 to Patch 1 to 7.3.1 test Upgrade from 7.3 to 7.3.1 test
Area Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go
Tomas D. (Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 / 64b) Maven(J2SE), DB, Platform (jdk6) Java SE to All
(jdk7) Java SE to All
JavaSE JavaSE
Jirka Prox (Win7-64b) Editor/ Java (jdk7) Java SE to All
(jdk6) Java SE to All
All All
Jirka Kovalsky (Linux Mint 12 64b-Ubuntu 11.10) Debugger, jUnit/testNG (jdk7) Java SE to All
(jdk6) Java SE to All
JavaSE JavaSE
Stepan (Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 / 64b) Java FX, Git (jdk6) Java EE to All
(jdk7) Java EE to All
All All
Jirka Skrivanek (Win7-64b) Java EE / Glassfish (jdk7) Java EE to All
(jdk6) Java EE to All
JavaEE JavaEE
Lada (Ubuntu 12.04/32b) Web Languages, Javascript (jdk7) PHP to All
(jdk6) PHP to All
Marian (Ubuntu 12.04-64b) (jdk7) PHP to All
(jdk6) PHP to All
JavaEE JavaEE
Milan Molda PHP (jdk7) Java EE to All
(jdk6) Java EE to All
Matej Bukovsky (???) Window System, Projects (jdk7) All
(jdk6) All
Martin Kanak (Ubuntu ???) Subversion, Mobility (jdk7) All
(jdk6) All
Alexander (Win/Linux/Solaris) CND C/C++ to All C/C++ C/C++ to All
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Groovy not tested

Sanity test

  • run assigned Sanity test specification on your Operating System (preferred JDK7)

Install/Extend/Uninstall test

(e.g. Java SE to All ...

  • download JavaSE bundle from 7.3.1 install page
  • run IDE (on particular jdk)
  • try simple test case from your area of responsibility
  • upgrade to All distribution :
    • go to Tools | Plugins, select tab 'Settings'
    • disable : 'Certified Plugins' and 'Plugins Portal'
    • select tab 'Available Plugins' and Select All plugins
    • push Install
  • run your sanity Test Specification
  • uninstall IDE (the whole directory should be removed) / on Mac: just remove "" from Applications


Upgrade from 7.3 to 7.3.1 test

    • find your name in table
    • install NB 7.3 Distribution-from-table - run on JDK-from-table !!!
    • E - means Extend to distribution from table (used for non-ALL installation distro)
    • A - means Activate part of the IDE (used for ALL installation distro)
    • update to Patch 1 (7.3 -E/A-> P1 -> 7.3.1), or to 7.3.1 (7.3 -E/A-> 7.3.1)
      • upgdating to Patch 1 - just push update in 7.3 installation (don't forget to extend IDE before)
      • updating to 7.3.1 - replace update center (Tools|Plugins|Settings|NetBeans Distribution) for distribution by link to catalog from NB 7.3.1 ( )
    • update
    • open project from the area of your responsibility
    • check the functionality for regressions
    • uninstall the IDE

(do not forget to remove rest of netbeans folder before next round of test)

Other 7.3.1 tests

Scenario Responsible Go/No Go status
Run 7.3 SSBTD on 7.3.1 build Jirka S.
Import of 7.0 , 7.1 and 7.2 settings Tomas D.
Help system Jirka K.
Web samples Lada
PHP samples Milan
JavaEE samples Jirka S.
JavaFX samples Stepan
JavaME samples Martin
JavaSE samples Jirka P.

NetCAT 7.3 testers

Name Area of interest Features tested Status (started/done) Findings
Anton Kirilchik C/C++ Clean installation. Working with CMake based projects, common C/C++ features, Qt on windows. Test on Kubuntu 13.04 is going. Done. Did not found any regressions since 7.3. Go.
Kent Grundström JSE, C++, Editor All Done Some minor quirks, a little sluggish nothing that can't be fixed (==GO)
Pavel Selivanov PHP PHP done GO (sanity test [2])

Got exception, but unable to reproduce #228974

Sven Reimers Profiler, JavaSE, JavaFX Profiler, JavaSE, JavaFX Done Go
Jukka Luotonen C/C++ All Packege Started Go
Edson Richter Web projects
Angelo Quaglia Java, Java Web, Maven, JUnit, Groovy, Scala, php Java, Java Web, Maven, JUnit, Groovy, Scala, php Started GO
Benno Markiewicz JavaSE, Maven, Debugger, CVS, Git, JRebel, Sampling with Profiler Done #228729
JRebel 5.2.2/1.5.1 works
No major issues spotted while working several days with day-to-day maven projects. GO
Thomas Kruse HTML5, PHP, Maven Maven/Spring/Java-Web done
José Galaviz
Holger Stenzhorn Web Application incl. Tomcat, Subversion Done Go
Hermien Pellissier Bug verification, API Support, Maven API Support
Done GO: Sanity test TS_73_Apisupport_Sanity passed
GO: Window creation works now (bug #225620 and related ones)
GO: Using Maven based projects in my day to day work has revealed no issues
Emmanuel Hugonnet Groovy scripting, JAX-RS, JSP, Javascript, XML, JDBC JAX-RS, Apache Maven, JSP, J(2)EE (migration of EJB 2.1 -> 3.0) Done GO: no issue found
Viggo Navarsete
Lehel Sipos JavaFx, J2ME, Java GUI; Bug Verif.; GWT, CodenameOne installing Available Plugins;

JavaFx - setting different kind of browsers from nb; iReport, CodenameOne, GWT plugin; Java_ME_platform_SDK_3.3_Preview; GUI-JFormDesigner Form; uninstall netbeans

Done some available plugins not worked;

#228875; #228874; #228719; #228973; slower than 7.3

Glenn Holmer GlassFish 4 Java EE, Swing started encountered #225537, #229010
Constantin Drabo C/C++, DB C/C++, DB Done Go
Tushar Joshi HTML5 development
Javier A. Ortiz Java, Maven Java, Maven Done GO
Marcus Margarites JSP, JSF components
Michael Bar-Sinai Java, HTML5 development
Marco Molteni Upgrade of JavaEE 6 application & GlassFish 3 to JavaEE 7 & GlassFish 4
Jim Powell Regressions PHP, Flex, XML Done Go: All worked with standard tests and within normal work.
Stefan Wilfling Java,CVS,Debugger,JSP Java,CVS,Debugger Done GO
Mark Wilmoth JavaEE tutorial Done GO - I don't know much about Java EE, but I ran the Java EE 7 Message Board example and it worked. I had no problems with running some simple servlet and JSP apps on GF 4. The only thing is the index.html file for the Messge Board example project caused some red light bulb errors instead of the yellow light bulb warnings as in NetBeans 7.4 Dev.
Jeremy Werst PHP
Augusto Campos
Efrem McCrimon Java, PHP GUI Builder, PHP done Refactoring problems, several reported bugs, version: NetBeans IDE 7.3.1 (Build 201304162201). Retest with current development 4-26
Mario Schroeder Java, Maven, Tomcat, Gradle Java, Maven, Tomcat done GO
Saptarshi Purkayastha
Laurent Forêt Maven, java maven, java started STS_73_Maven + work usage
Aldo Brucale
Xavier Figueroa Scala JavaEE HTML5 JavaEE6, Editor, Main Page Done I created a JEE6 app, then added a new Timer Session Bean and get the following error in the Editor

schedule annotation is not allowed in a project which targets Java EE 6 Web profile. I guess that, when the project is Java EE 6 the IDE shouldn't allow me to create this type of Bean
when I add a new Framework->JSF->components, I'm getting this error: JSF library RichFaces not set up properly: No complete RichFaces library found. See list of mandatory JARs. The same happens with ICEFaces, It works fine for PrimeFaces
Recent Projects in start page is not updated when the user deletes the projects. When the user deletes a project it should be also deleted from this list

Kamil Szmit PHP, Smarty
Michael Müller JEE7, JSF2.2 Install&Start

JSF2.0 Project

JSF2.2 Project





previously GF4 (bundled with NB daily) recognized by setup, but neither was the server nor the domain registered after installation. Manual registration ok. Project run without problems


Medea Gugushvili Java Web, Maven Java Web, Maven done No Go: slow project scanning issue got on my nerves :(
Jonathan Lermitage Git, GUI Builder, API Support Install&Start&Uninstall
GUI Builder
API Support
registered servers

OK: tested fresh install on Win7 with admin account, Java SE and Full packages; now testing Java EE package with preferences imported from 7.3.0
OK: tested with projects hosted on GitHub (commit and push only)
OK: usage of Matisse editor (drag&drop of Swing components, edition of components properties, edition of GUI related methods)
OK: continuing development of a NetBeans plugin
WARNING: GlassFish (with custom GalssFish admin user), Tomcat 7.0.39, TomEE 1.5.1 with deployed apps: start, stop, deploy and undelpoy work fine, MySQL and MariaDB start and stop works fine too, but the GlassFish credentials have not been imported from previous NB preferences (I have exported NB7.3.0 preferences and imported them into 7.3.1, including passwords: NB still asks me for credentials)
Bugzilla: #228975
Atul Palandurkar
Lily Zhang WS, JPA WS, JPA, maven Done OK
Michael Bar-Sinai Java, HTML5, JUnit Done Editors work fine. invisible project names (#225795) is an issue (Mac OS 10.8.3, JDK 6)
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