NetBeans 72 NewAndNoteworthy QE Coverage

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Features Responsible Coverage (list of updated TS, link to hudson job, ...) Status
Background Indexing Jirka Prox Created new test spec - JavaProject done
Parallel Indexers Jirka Prox no TS needed, this feature should be transparent for user
Completion in Searchbar Jirka Prox
Package View Jirka Prox
Refactoring Tomas Tokoly
Code Generation Jirka Prox
Remove Surrounding Code Jirka Prox
Move Code Element Up and Down Jirka Prox
Hints Jirka Prox
Code Analysis Jirka Prox
FindBugs Support Jirka Prox
Main Project Adam two updated test spec - ProjectsAction ProjectsWizardsAndFreeform
Project Actions Adam Updated ProjectActions test spec
Import/Export ZIP Adam Updated ProjectsActions test spec
Collapse All Adam Updated FilesAndProjectView test spec
Bundled version Adam no updates
Command-line equivalent Adam Updated Ant test spec
Debug target Adam Updated Ant test spec
Bundled version Tomas Danek N/A Done
Compile on Save Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
Repository browser Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
Dependency display Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
New archetype wizard Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
Source/Javadoc attachment Tomas Danek TODO: Add to appropriate Projects spec. In progress
Plugin handling Tomas Danek N/A Done
POM editor Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
Scanning performance Tomas Danek N/A Done
View config.xml Tomas Danek Updated Hudson spec Done
Quick-search provider Tomas Danek Updated Hudson spec Done
Version Control
Search History redesigned Stepan Zebra TS_72_Git & TS_72_HG & TS_72_SVN INCOMPLETE
History Tab in Editor provides also VCS History Stepan Zebra TS_72_LocalHistory & TS_72_Git & TS_72_HG & TS_72_SVN INCOMPLETE
Mercurial Stepan Zebra TS_72_HG INCOMPLETE
Subversion Adam, Stepan Zebra TS_72_SVN INCOMPLETE
Breakpoints have a possibility to enable/disable other breakpoints when hit Jirka Kovalsky New test suite created Done
Source scanning does not block debugger stepping Jirka Kovalsky New test suite created Done
Zoom of the debugger GUI snapshot Jirka Kovalsky
Tree view in Variables and Watches Jirka Kovalsky New test cases created Done
It's possible to disable watches Jirka Kovalsky
Code completion in New Breakpoint dialog Jirka Kovalsky
Allow filtering treetable results Petr Cyhelsky Updated_profiler_spec done
Create separate button for Dump Heap Petr Cyhelsky Updated_profiler_spec done
ability to define name and add metadata to snapshots Petr Cyhelsky Updated_profiler_spec done
polished profiler UI Petr Cyhelsky No impact on test spec
UI to copy nearest GC root trace to clipboard Petr Cyhelsky Updated_profiler_spec done
Select part(s) of timeline given a method on a stack Petr Cyhelsky Updated_profiler_spec done
Root Method Selector Improvements Petr Cyhelsky
GUI Builder
Visualization of Gaps in Free Design Adam Updated Form spec
Direct Editing of Gaps in Free Design Adam Updated Form spec
Options Window Redesign Tomas Tokoly
List of TODO items, Warnings, Compiler Errors (previously Tasks window) Tomas Tokoly
Search Tomas Tokoly
Testing Tools
TestNG Integration Tomas Danek
Java EE
JPA Support Jirka Skrivanek, Vladimir Riha TS_72_JPA_Support, TS_72_Entity_Classes_From_Database Done
CDI Warnings for non-portable behavior Jirka Skrivanek
Amazon Beanstalk support Jirka Skrivanek
EJB support Jirka Skrivanek no test spec (#210775) Done
Web Frameworks Jirka Skrivanek TS_72_JSF_Support Done
Java FX
FX-in-Swing Projects Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Default Configurations Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Deployment post-processing option Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Project Auto-Update Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
SceneBuilder Interoperability Module Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Improved Project Build Infrastructure and Platform Auto-Detection Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Editor Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
Templates Stepan Zebra TS_72_JavaFX2 INCOMPLETE
PHP 5.4 Vladimir PHP_5.4_Support Done
(S)FTP Support Vladimir Remote_synchronization Blocked by #210345
Editor Vladimir Improved_code_folding Miscellanous Done
PHP Annotations Vladimir Annotations Done
PHPUnit Vladimir Skeleton_Generator PHPUnit_script_per_project Done
Hudson Vladimir TS_72_PHP_Continuous_Integration Done
Symfony2 Vladimir Symfony2 Done
Twig Vladimir Twig_support Done
Doctrine2 Vladimir TS_72_PHP_Doctrine2 Done
ApiGen Vladimir ApiGen Done
Neon Vladimir Neon Done
Apache Config file Vladimir Apache Config file Done
New Hints Vladimir Hints Done
Groovy version Vladimir nothing to update
Code Completion improvements Vladimir automated tests Hudson Done
Hints Vladimir automated tests Hudson Done
Debugging improvements Alexander
Code Assistance improvements Alexander
C++11 Standard Support Alexander
Window System Tomas Tokoly
Changed location of userdir and cachedir Tomas Danek N/A Done
Maven-based module development Tomas Danek Updated Maven spec Done
OSGi 4.3, Felix 4.0.2 and Equinox 3.7.1 Tomas Danek N/A Done
Quick Search in OutlineView Tomas Tokoly
IDE provides 64-bit launcher for Windows x64 Tomas Danek

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