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| Jirka Skrivanek (WinXP)
| Jirka Skrivanek (Win7-64b)
| [[TS_70_JavaEE_Sanity| Java EE]] / [[TS_71_GlassFish| Glassfish]]
| [[TS_70_JavaEE_Sanity| Java EE]] / [[TS_71_GlassFish| Glassfish]]

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  • builds are available on NB7.1&JDK7u3, NB7.1&JDK6u31 (internal)
  • what to test :
    • install all using installer
    • run IDE with bundled JDK
    • if needed : upgrade to distribution you need (PHP,Java EE, ...)
    • create new project (from the area under your responsibility)
    • compile and run project
    • test debugger (deploy if web/j2ee)
    • run sanity of your area
    • uninstall
  • Tested OSes : Ubuntu 11.10 (11.04), Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Issues report new already reported
JDK7u4 bundle - Testing in Progress
JDK6u32 bundle - Testing in Progress
Responsible (OS) Area JDK7u4 JDK6u32
Sanity test Final download test Sanity test Final download test
Tomas D. (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 / 64b) Maven(J2SE), DB, Platform
Jirka Prox (Win7-64b) Editor/ Java
Jirka Kovalsky (Linux Mint 12 64b-Ubuntu 11.10) Debugger
Stepan (Mac OS X 10.7.3) Java FX, Git, Mobility
Jirka Skrivanek (Win7-64b) Java EE / Glassfish
Petr Cyhelsky (Kubuntu 11.10/64b) Profiler, Performance
Marian (Ubuntu 11.10-64b) -
Lada (Ubuntu 11.10/32b) PHP, Web Languages
Tomas T. (Ubuntu 11.10-32b) Refactoring, Window System
Adam (WinXP/32b) Subversion, GUI Builder, Projects, Ant

Final download test (couple days before release) : JDK7 - link internal, JDK6 - link internal (SHIFT+CTRL+F5) :

  • download bundle for your platform
  • install
  • try to create some project from samples, build, clean
  • uninstall
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