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Testing in Progress
Responsible (OS) Sanity test Install/Extend/Uninstall test Upgrade from 7.1.1 to 7.1.2 test Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.1.2 test
Area Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go Scenario Go / No Go
Tomas D. (Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3 / 64b) Maven(J2SE), DB, Platform (jdk6) Java SE to All
(jdk7) Java SE to All
Go JavaSE Go JavaSE Go
Viggo Navarsete (Ubuntu 11.10-64b) Java EE / Maven Go (jdk7) Java EE to All
(jdk6) Java EE to All
Go JavaEE Go JavaEE
Jirka Prox (Win7-64b) Editor/ Java (jdk7) Java SE to All
(jdk6) Java SE to All
Go All Go All
Jirka Kovalsky (Linux Mint 12 64b-Ubuntu 11.10) Debugger (jdk7) Java SE to All
(jdk6) Java SE to All
Go JavaSE Go JavaSE Go
Stepan (Mac OS X 10.7.3) Java FX, Git, Mobility (jdk6) Java EE to All
(jdk7) Java EE to All
All All
Jirka Skrivanek (WinXP) Java EE / Glassfish Go (jdk7) Java EE to All
(jdk6) Java EE to All
Go JavaEE Go JavaEE Go
Petr Cyhelsky (Kubuntu 11.10/64b) Profiler, Performance (jdk7) Java EE to All
(jdk6) Java EE to All
JavaEE JavaEE
Marian (Ubuntu 11.10-64b) (jdk7) PHP to All
(jdk6) PHP to All
All All
Lada (Ubuntu 11.10/32b) PHP, Web Languages Go (jdk7) PHP to All
(jdk6) PHP to All
Go/Go (issue 210989) PHP Go PHP Go
Tomas T. (Ubuntu 11.10-32b) Refactoring, Window System (jdk7) All
(jdk6) All
Adam (WinXP/32b) Subversion, GUI Builder, Projects, Ant Go (jdk7) All
(jdk6) All
Go PHP Go All Go
Alexander (Solaris?) CND C/C++ to All C/C++ C/C++ to All
Mario Pérez (Ubuntu 10.04) CVS Go (jdk7) Java SE to All Go (jdk7) Java SE to All Go
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Groovy not tested

Sanity test

  • run assigned Sanity test specification on your Operating System (preferred JDK7)

Install/Extend/Uninstall test

(e.g. Java SE to All ...

  • download JavaSE bundle from 7.1.2 install page
  • run IDE (on particular jdk)
  • try simple test case from your area of responsibility
  • upgrade to All distribution :
    • go to Tools | Plugins, select tab 'Settings'
    • disable : 'Certified Plugins' and 'Plugins Portal'
    • select tab 'Available Plugins' and Select All plugins
    • push Install
  • run your sanity Test Specification
  • uninstall IDE (the whole directory should be removed) / on Mac: just remove "" from Applications


Upgrade from 7.1 to 7.1.2 test

(e.g. Java SE ...


Other 7.1.2 tests

Scenario Responsible Go/No Go status
Run 7.1 SSBTD on 7.1.2 build Jirka S. StableBTD-7.1.2
Import of 7.0 and 7.1 settings Tomas D.
Help system Jirka K.
Check MD5s
install root/update user scenarios ...
PHP & Web samples Lada Go/Go but #211244
JavaEE samples Jirka S. Go
JavaME & JavaFX samples Stepan
JavaSE samples Jirka P. Go

NetCAT 7.2 testers

Name Functionality test Upgrade test (*) Install/Extend/Uninstall test (optional) Comments
Glenn Holmer Go Go (7.1.1 -> 7.1.2)
Pavel Selivanov Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go Still exists very annoying bug with oracle jdk #198639
Benjamin Walker Go Profiler Sanity. Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2 and 7.1 > 7.1.2) Go P4 Bug#211062. Mac OS X. JDK 1.7.0_04. Also experienced failure to update branding though modules versions were updated successfully. P4 Enhancement#211066.
Javier Ortiz Go NoGo (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) NoGo (Same issue as previous test) This was done on a zip distro in a USB drive. Installing normal plugins works previously since is ran with Admin privileges. See #211056
Hermien Pellissier Go APISupport Sanity Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go All tests performed on Windows 7 64-bit. #205382 (P4) still open.
Holger Stenzhorn Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go Only installation performed, no uninstallation (OS X)
Goran Mišković
Yannis Pastis Glaros Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2)
Efrem McCrimon Go Go Did a fresh install 7.1.2 Go Performed uninstall and then installation of 7.1.2 both Linux and Windows 7, JDK7u4. Notice some diff as noted in testing Alternate Values in GUI Builder in Beans binding
Ulf Zibis
Jim Powell Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go Same rebranding issue, PHP functionality worked as advertised.
Angelo Quaglia Go Java coding, Maven builds and JUnit testing
Alied Pérez Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Working on maven projects
Michael Kroll Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2)
Andrea Gualano Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2)
Aldo Brucale Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go
Michel Graciano Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2)
Martin Skurla Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Java development, Maven, JUnit
Stefan Wilfling Go Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2) Go/Go/- Java development, Debugging, JUnit

-) ClassCastException occured at Navigator: #168089-> I´ve reopend this bug.

-) Navigator: After renaming, Menu is collapsed: #211240

Saptarshi Purkayastha Go (Team Server) Go (7.1.1 > 7.1.2 as well as simultaneous installation with 7.1.1) Go/Go/Go Slow scan during start-up phase of opening projects and scanning. Can't do anything until opening projects and scanning is complete

(*) - please specify which of the following scenarios you used:

  • 7.1.1 > 7.1.2
  • 7.1 > 7.1.1 > 7.1.2
  • 7.1 > 7.1.2
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