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Release Themes

The main themes of NetBeans IDE 6.9 will be the following:

  • JavaFX
  • NetBeans Platform

Java FX

JavaFX is becoming a more mature and feature rich-language. With NetBeans IDE 6.9 we plan to:

  • Support the JavaFX SoMa release, with its improved stability, performance, and rich set of UI components
  • Approach feature parity with Java, including better refactoring, debugging, and profiling
  • Provide visual JavaFX GUI editing like the NetBeans GUI Builder (Project Matisse) provides for Swing

NetBeans Platform

NetBeans 6.9 will add features and documentation to help users building rich Java clients on the NetBeans Platform.

The biggest change in this area will be adding OSGi compatibility to the NetBeans Platform. In addition, there are a number of additional improvements that we are considering for this release.

Additional Themes

Other things we're looking at in this release are:


Milestone Start End Weeks
M1 Dev 1/042/01 4
M1 Stabilization 2/012/15 2
M1 Release 2/17
M2 Dev 2/153/15 4
Feature Freeze 3/15
M2 Stabilization 3/154/05 2
M2 Release 4/07
Beta Stabilization 4/054/26 3
Beta Release 4/28
FCS Stabilization 4/265/24 4
Code Freeze 5/24
RC Cycle 5/246/21 4
FCS 6/23

Quality and Testing

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