NetBeans Day 2007 (In a Box)

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NetBeans Day will consist of four technical sessions 50 minutes in length, delivered by 2 evangelists - one from the NetBeans team and the second from the Sun Tech Days team.

In all cases where possible, NetBeans Day 2007 will proceed TechDays. This is important to remain consistent as it will allow us to solidify an agenda where we can promote related TechDay sessions.

Agenda and Abstracts

Session 1: On the Move with NetBeans (50 Minutes)

If you know NetBeans, then you know we innovate quickly. This session will show you all the latest features and how to best use them to your advantage. You will also get a preview of what you can look forward to in future releases of NetBeans.

Session 2: Java EE 5 - Did You Get Your Tools With That? (50 Minutes)

A Key focus of the forthcoming NetBeans5.5 release is to support Java EE 5 and its related technologies such as EJB 3.0 and Java Persistence. In this session we will demonstrate the new features in NetBeans5.5 that can help accelerate your development of Java EE 5 applications.

Session 3: Unpack Your Favorite Feature (50 Minutes)

NetBeans has a fantastic out of the box experience, however, the fun does not stop there. Bundles of additional functionality such as application profiling, Java ME, UML, SOA and C/C++ are available in feature packs. This session will review them all so that you can choose the packs that work best for you.

Session 4: Step Onto Our Platform (50 Minutes)

If you do any type of web development, you most likely use a framework, such as JSF or Struts because it helps with many common tasks, such as page navigation. If you are building a Swing application, it most likely also has features in common with all other desktop applications, such as menus, window management and user preferences. This session introduces the NetBeans Platform and how you can take advantage of it as the foundation for building your Swing desktop applications or extending NetBeans itself.

Session 5: Is This the Enterprise in Your Pocket? (50 Minutes)

Could I track the status of my machines from anywhere in the world? And what if I could build that mobile application using a drag & drop visual designer? Get it to seamlessly run on emulators from Nokia, Sprint and others? Better yet, we'll end the talk by deploying the application over the air (OTA), so audience members can run it on their own phones. Yes, you will literally walk away from this talk with the enterprise in your pocket.

Agenda Details

Here we provide the demo scripts and presentations for each of the sessions. Please copy and use the demo template to create your script (don't just upddate the linked template).

S1: On the Move with NetBeans (50 minutes)

As we're working w/out a moderator this year, it's important that this session introduce the entire day, including the co-presenter. Obviously this is the most open-ended session, so the presenter's free to discuss / demonstrate whatever they like, while not stealing any thunder from the remaining three sessions, which should not be a problem. I expect the content in this session will evolve with NetBeans over the year, e.g., Retouche builds become available.

It should start with our product roadmap, especially highlighting the merger of all product code bases into one. It should certainly cover some of the venerable IDE value propositions, like the Ant based project system. Heres a rough list:

  • Ant
  • Maven
  • Matisse
  • Subversion
  • Jackpot
  • BlueJ

Session Breakdown

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
Welcome, introductions and overview of the day 5 Slides
Introduction to NetBeans, Strategy Overview 5 BrianLeonard NBDemoAntProjects Tour the IDE, including the Ant based project system.
Matisse 10 BrianLeonard NBDemoGUIBuilder Focus on features in the recent update (I18N, L&F). Plug the Extreme GUI Makeover TechDay session as well as the Matisse hands-on-lab.
NetBeans 6.0 15 BrianLeonard NBDemoNB6.0 Ready for show.
JRuby / Ruby on Rails 10 Main.BrianLeonard Brian's Blog]
Wrap up 5 Call to action. Show how to participate, file an issue, etc. Review support plans.

S2: Java EE 5 - Did You Get Your Tools With That? (50 Minutes)

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
Introduction to Java EE 5 5 BrianLeonard Slides
Web Services 2.0 10 BrianLeonard NBDemoJavaEE5#DemoOne
EJB 3.0 10 BrianLeonard NBDemoJavaEE5#DemoTwo
Java Persistence API 15 BrianLeonard NBDemoJavaEE5#DemoThree
JavaServer Faces 1.2 10 BrianLeonard NBDemoJavaEE5#DemoFour

Related TechDay Sessions:

  • Java EE & !GlassFish: A Deep Dive into the Aquarium
  • EJB 3.0: Experience New Java Persistence (2-hour codecamp)

S3: Unpack Your Favorite Feature (50 Minutes)

I suspect we can probabably cover three of these, maybe 4 in the session. We'll create scripts for all and the presentor can choose.

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
Introduction 5 Slides An overview of all the packs and a reminder of our strategy (discussed in the opening session). Expain how to get an apply the packs (I would even recommend installing one as part of the demo).
Profiler 10 GreggSporar NBDemoProfiler55 If the Hands On Lab for the Profiler is being offerred at Sun Tech Days, then mention it.
Mobility 15 BrianLeonard NBDemoMobility or NBDemoSVG Direct them to the full TechDay session, "Is That The Enterprise In Your Pocket?" for more information.
Enterprise 20 AshwinRao NBDemoEnterprise Note, TechDays has a whole SOA track and 2 hour hands-on-lab covering the Enterprise Pack.
C/C++ 10 RomanStrobl NBDemoCCPP
Visual Web 15 DavidBotterill NBDemoVisualWeb

S4: Step Onto Our Platform (50 Minutes)

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
Introduction 10 BrianLeonard Slides or Roman's slides & Roman's script as flash demo
The NetBeans Platform 10 BrianLeonard NetBeans Platform Including WebStart support.
Module Development 10 BrianLeonard Module Dev Google Toolbar
Module Manager 5 BrianLeonard Included in Module Dev
NBMs 5 BrianLeonard Included in Module Dev
Project Template 5 BrianLeonard Included in Module Dev

S5: Is That the Enterprise in Your Pocket?

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
... ... BrianLeonard

This is Not a Conference (special session on NetBeans Day in Seattle)

Here we're going to be the guinea pig for the "unconference" format. Such a format has been getting a lot of press lately, and if the format works for us, we can continue to expand it. But in order to be successfull, we can't just run this off-the-cuff. Some proper research and planning is required:

Topic Minutes Content Owner Script Comments
Unconference 50 TimBoudreau n/a
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