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Netbeans Platform: REST Use Cases


USE Case 1

  1. user implements a REST service in Web Application project (works since 6.0)
  2. user creates a Netbeans Module (Netbeanse Module Suite) (works)
  3. user consumes a REST resource (from WebApplication) (implemented 6.9 M1)

USE Case 2A

  1. user provides a registration of a REST service in Services tab (Web Services section) (works since 6.5) (works from WADL file)
  2. user creates a Netbeans Module (Netbeanse Module Suite) (works)
  3. user consumes the REST service (registered in Services tab) (planned for 6.9 M2)

USE Case 2B

  1. user creates a Netbeans Module (Netbeanse Module Suite) (works)
  2. user consumes the REST service from the list of popular SAAS services, registered in Services tab, e.g. Flickr -> Photo Service -> Rest -> photos_search (planned for 6.9 M2)

What's already supported, what's not

Use Case 1, Step 1

  • this is implemented since 6.0 release

Use Case 2A, Step 1

  • already possible to register REST resources based on wadl file
  • Improvement: would be nice to be able to register REST resources from project (without need of deployment)
    • this requires to support generation of wadl file from project
    • also support generation of wadl file from ApplicationPath (rest application)
  • Improvement: improve the current UI of web services in Services tab
    • may be useful to have extra top level nodes for REST services and for SOAP services
    • it isn't obvious in Add Web service dialog that wadl file is acceptable( fixed M1)

Use Case 2A, Step 3

  • already possible to Drag&Drop REST resource to java file in Netbeans module. The client classes are generated based on JDK+JAXB.
  • Problem: requires jdk1.6 or higher, or jdk1.5 with JAXB library wrapper
    • to work with jdk1.5 seamlessly we need to improve library wrapper in Netbeans Module: issue 178735
  • Improvement: improve Drag&Drop UI
    • provide options for REST Client:
      • A: JDK 1.6 client (JDK 1.5 + JAXB)
      • B: Jersey Client (this requires to wrap Jersey library to project:issue 178735)
    • generate Jersey client for particular Rest Resource/HTTP method combination

Use Case 2B, Step 2

This is similar to Use Case 1, Step 3. Moreover, we need to

  • Problem: we also need to wrap the Saas Service request/response data model (e.g. Facebook.jar) to project: issue 178735

Farther improvements

  • help user to select JAXB classes from another projects, or generate JAXB from XSD)
  • help user to specify JAXB context (which JAXB classes should be accepted)
  • help user with JSON format (implement JSON provider checkbox)
  • implement Call Rest Service action in java source(e.g. in Insert Code group)
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