Common terms and Guidelines for Community Translation Project for "NetBeans Platform 6" by Heiko Boeck

This page is intended as a dictionary of common terms and guidelines to be used in

For information about the project please look at the previous link.

German terms with English proposals (alphabetically sorted)

  • Abbildung: Illustration/Figure
  • Abschnitt: Section
  • Anstatt: "rather than" is nicer than "instead of"
  • Basisklasse: superclass
  • Benutzerverzeichnis: user directory
  • Class-Objekte: "class objects"
  • Darstellung: representation
  • Des Weiteren: furthermore
  • einrichten: setting up
  • Einstellungen: settings
  • entsprechenden: corresponding
  • erlangen wir: we obtain/we acquire
  • gesamte: complete/whole
  • heruntergeladen: downloaded
  • Layer-datei: layer file
  • lediglich: simply
  • Manifest-Dateityp: manifest file type
  • Manifest-Datei: manifest file
  • MIME-Typ: MIME type
  • Musikalben: music albums
  • Palette-Eintrag: palette entry
  • Reihe: range/series
  • Spalte: column
  • unmittelbar: directly
  • Verzeichnis: folder (not directory)
  • vorgenommen haben: dealt with
  • zunächst: firstly/initially/first of all

English terms (alphabetically sorted)

  • "autoupdate feature" should be "update feature"
  • "information", never "informations"
  • "instantiated" is fine
  • "Lookup" always, never "lookup"
  • "module" always, never "Module"
  • More than anything / Primarily: both fine ("More than anything, this is useful when...")
  • NetBeans IDE or "the IDE" (if "NetBeans IDE" is used in der nähe)
  • NetBeans Platform: always capitalized like that
  • NetBeans Runtime Container: capitalized like that (and not "NetBeans module system")
  • "rich client application" always, never "Rich-Client-Application" and never "rich-client application"
  • "the application's launcher" should be "the application launcher"
  • TopComponent always, never "top component" or "Topcomponent"
  • "thus", "thereby", & "hence": generally unnecessary, take it out and the sentence is usually fine
  • "via": "you can do This via That" is ok
  • XML always, never "xml" or "Xml"
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