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====NetBeans Patches - Released====
====NetBeans Patches====
* [[NetBeans7.0PatchesInfo| 7.0 / 7.0.1]]
* [[NetBeans7.0PatchesInfo| 7.0 / 7.0.1]]
* [[NetBeans6.9PatchesInfo| 6.9 / 6.9.1]]
* [[NetBeans6.9PatchesInfo| 6.9 / 6.9.1]]

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This page documents the bugfixes in patches to NetBeans releases.

General Links on issues, and patch info:

How to include issues into patch

  • we are using Status Whiteboard (SW) field in IssueZilla for marking issues
  • an issue must include the commit log for the trunk (added by the engineer who did the commit) before being nominated for a patch
  • an issue must be fixed and verified by QE or by reporter in the trunk before being nominated for a patch
  • [VERSION]patch-candidate should be added to the SW field to nominate an issue (e.g, 72patch-candidate)
  • when an issue is fixed in fixes branch, SW is changed from candidate to fixed (e.g., from 72patch3-candidate to 72patch3-fixed)
  • when an issue is verified in sustaining's branch, SW is changed from fixed to verified (e.g., from 72patch3-fixed to 72patch3-verified)
  • ... the whole process in details can be found at page NetBeansPatchesProcess

NetBeans Patches - Plans

NetBeans Patches

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