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DRAFT: List of Broken Links and Pages With Wrong Content

Members of the NetBeans Dream Team have identified the following problems on and would like them to be updated/changed.


NetBeans Partners page needs to be updated. Identified by Geertjan

Mistakes found by Tom Wheeler

Front page is quite confusing. It has a photo of a box labeled "NetBeans IDE 7.0" immediately adjacent to a large heading "NetBeans IDE 6.9.1", below which is a button that says "Download FREE NetBeans IDE 6.9.1." On the other side of that is a prominent image which says "NetBeans IDE 7.0 Release Candidate 1 Available." I think most new users would be baffled by this -- should they download 7.0, 6.9.1 or 7.0 Release Candidate 1? All images are of basically equal prominence and there is no guidance about versions there.

OpenSolaris logo has been removed from set of icons at bottom of most pages, but still appears on bottom of some (such as IssueZilla: This should be consisent. I also notice that Project Kenai logo appears on the IssueZilla page but missing from the main page.

There is an article "Five New Java Champions Elected (The Java Source)" under NetBeans Community News ( I don't understand how this relates to NetBeans. The page linked to does not discuss how these people contribute to NetBeans or even use NetBeans. In fact, NetBeans is not even mentioned in the article at all. Likewise, the article "Oracle TechCast: "Java and Oracle, One Year Later" Replay" ( does not mention NetBeans at all.

History page (, "The Early Years" section. Missing a space after 4.1 ("netBeans 4.1was built on"). Also, the history page seems to say very little about the last five years of history; there's no mention of anything concrete beyond 5.0. The quote "It also worth noting that almost all of the original architects are still involved in the project" seems to be missing an "is". While it may have been factually correct in 2005, is it still accurate in 2011? I have a picture of the dozen or so original students working on NetBeans in 1997. How many of them are still working on it now?

Legal Materials ( Why does all of this stuff still say Sun? This is a very brief page and I see "Sun" twice, along with "SCA" twice and links to various documents on the domain. I would assume that it should say Oracle now. Oracle obviously updated this page to link to their privacy policy, so why did they leave everything else untouched?

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