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NetBeans 6.8


Please note, dates in table are working dates, there might be some adjustments if necessary

Date name Stabilization starts Released Related documents Note
M1 July 13 July 27 M1 New & Noteworthy, NB68M1GoNoGo (Dev. 5w, Stab. 2w)
Feature readiness check August 19 NB68ReadyForFeatureFreeze
Feature Freeze September 6 NB68ReadyForFeatureFreeze 6.8 was feature frozen on Sep 6th
M2 October 8th NB68M2GoNoGo Due to issues with Beta release NetBeans team decided to release part of Beta as Milestone 2 to community.
Beta October 16th Oct 22nd Feature Freeze milestone, NB68BetaGoNoGo 6.8 Beta clone will be created on Sat 10/17. Only stoppers will be fixed in Beta clone. Beta can be released on Oct 22nd if stoppers are fixed timely.
Code Freeze Nov 15 NB68HighResistance Follow the NB68HighResistance process for integrations.
RC1 Nov 27th RC1 released on 11/27. NB68RC1GoNoGo
RC2 Dec 04 RC2 released on Dec 4th. NB68RC2GoNoGo
FCS Dec 10-15 NB68GoNoGo FCS date is aligned with Glassfish v3, therefore it can be delayed few days.

Release priorities

NetBeans 6.8 primary drivers/features are:

  1. Support for Java EE 6 and Glassfish v3 release, planned for early December 2009
  2. Support for latest release of Java FX

These are two major updates to Java platforms which NetBeans IDE is going to support.

Secondary 6.8 features which are fully staffed by Development and QE will be:

  1. PHP - extend the support for PHP 5.3 and Symphony framework
  2. Maven - Support Java EE 6 and address users feedback
  3. Connected Developers ( - extend functionality, implement instant notifications and improve Jira
  4. Embedded Browser - fully functional embedded browser
  5. Editor & Java Improvements - further improve quality of Editor and Java infrastructure incl. performance
  6. IDE Performance - Improve scanning, navigation in Editor and scalability of IDE
  7. C/C++ support - Extend CND features like dbx, thread analyzer,...

Team will also improve the quality of some modules which were in maintenance mode during 6.7. We call these modules Quality modules and these will have defined P3 bug target, but no big features development will be done on these. A new set of Maintenance modules was selected for 6.8.

Other Plans :

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