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NetBeans 5.5.1 Patches Info

Last update: November/18/2008

Last fixed issues: 146557, 147688, 136699, 145858, 147689

Patched NetBeans 5.5.1 files and fixed bugs:

  • Text API (org.openide.text) - Generic API wrapping Swing based EditorKits
Sunstudio 12 netbeans IDE unable to handle files over 1Mb

  • C/C++ Core (org.netbeans.modules.cnd) - Enables development of C and C++ programs in the IDE
Sun Studio freezes when I type the "f" of "end if", when the if is directly under a subroutine
136699: functional regression: no more Fortran autoindenting
145858: no formatting for fortran
147689: end token for subroutines and programs in Fortran code is not correctly indented (Sun Studio 12)

  • Welcome Screen (org-netbeans-modules-welcome.nbm) - Shows welcome content after the first startup of the IDE
The back-port of 6.0 RSS caching/cookie fixes to 5.5 and 5.5.1

  • Application Client (CAR) Module Project (org-netbeans-modules-j2ee-clientproject.nbm) - Support for Application Client (CAR) Module Projects...
App Client project doesn't use GlassFish JAX-WS JARs
107072: Redundant xendorsed attribute if target server is AS 9.0

  • Web Projects (org-netbeans-modules-web-project.nbm) - Permits user to create projects representation web module applications. These can be built and deployed to a web server. JSPs and Servlets are supported, as well as web services.
5.5.1 exits abruptly during build-impl.xml manipulation

  • Build Infrastructure
There should be detailed descriptions available for hotfix nbms
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