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In synch with JDK6updates schedule (internal)

  • build is available on download (internal)
  • what to test :
    • install all using installer
    • run IDE with bundled JDK
    • if needed : upgrade to distribution you need (PHP,Java EE, ...)
    • create new project (from the area under your responsibility)
    • compile and run project
    • test debugger (deploy if web/j2ee)
    • run sanity of your area
    • uninstall
  • Tested OSes : Ubuntu 10.10, Windows XP, Windows 7
  • Issues report new already reported
Responsible Area OS Go/No Go status
Tomas M. mvn, platform Ubuntu
Jara java Windows 7 Go
Jirka S. j2ee Windows XP
Jirka K. debugger Ubuntu
Petr C. profiler Ubuntu
Tomas T. refactoring Ubuntu
Adam GUI builder Ubuntu
Vlada php Windows XP Go
Stepan svn Windows XP (+Ubu&Sol) Go

NOT YET !!! .... Final download test (couple days before release) : [???? link internal]

Responsible OS Go/No Go status
Tomas Ubuntu
Jara Windows 7
Jirka S. Windows XP
Jirka K. Ubuntu
Petr C. Ubuntu
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