Requirements on Upstream Sources for netbeans and platform source packages



#1 for the netbeans source package only

#2 for the platform source package only

Content of Upstream Sources

Upstream Sources MUST include

Clusters / Components basic list 1 platform list 2
platform + +
harness + +
Build procedure (nbbuild folder) + +
websvccommon cluster + -
ide + -
java + -
apisupport + -
nb + -
IDE launcher and configuration files (ide folder) + -

  • Legal info in the top dir
  • LICENSE.txt containing text of open-source licenses governing software included in the Upstream Sources
  • Documentation, including:
  • README.txt for each target binary package, e.g netbeans, apisupport1, ide10, java2, platform9, and platform9-harness
  • harness/README 2
  • source files (html, xml, jhm, hs) to build on-line help documentation in the JavaHelp format
  • Man page for each executable file of the target software that intended to be executed from the native Linux environment (e.g. IDE launcher, i.e netbeans bush script, or platform launcher) 1 2 See: Debian

Upstream Sources MUST NOT include

  • binary files like *.zip, *.jar
  • **/external/binaries-list files
  • executable binary files like *.so, *.exe, *.dll
  • pre-compiled binary files like *.o, *.obj
  • any licenses and other documentation for removed external libraries
  • any original license information for NetBeans: LICENSE, THIRDPARTYREADME, LEGALNOTICE, DISTRIBUTION, nbbuild/licenses, o.n.core/licenses, etc.
  • documentation in non-textual formates that are actually stored as binary files like *.pdf
  • any files that are stored by the Project together with the Project Sources, but which are actually not used for building of the software like .hg/*, .hgignore, .hgmail, .hgmail-uml, .hgtags, .hgundead, *l10n.list

Upstream Sources MAY include

  • images and icons that are actually stored as binary files like *.png, *.img, *.ico

Additional files

file(s) netbeans 1 platform 2
LICENSE.txt + +
README.txt for each target binary package + +
Man page for each executable file + +
Desktop entry file + -

Representation and Location

  • Upstream Sources SHOULD BE published as an archive file aka Upstream tarball in the gzipped tar archive format on the site.
  • Upstream Sources SHOULD BE stored in a top-level directory with the following name:
netbeans-<version>  1 or libnb-platform-java-<version>  2
  • The top-level directory SHOULD BE included in the Upstream tarball
  • The name of the Upstream tarball SHOULD meet the pattern:
  • <version> is a version number of the NetBeans release, e.g. 6.5
  • <date> is a data of cloning of the Project Sources
  • <configuration> is an identifier of the Project Sources subset, e.g. base 1, platform 2

Accessibility and Stability

  • 7x24 access time to the Upstream Sources SHOULD BE provided on the Upstream Sources Site until EOL of all derived software packages that are released.
  • Both the Upstream tarball and its URL MUST NOT BE changed if software packages have been released for a Target Linux Platform.

Modification Info

Requirements of this section will be refined during implementation. TBD Modification Log, Initial hg repo link, hg tip
  • Upstream tarball MUST BE created by script. This script MUST BE saved in hg repo.
  • All configuration or linux specific patches applied to the Upstream Sources while building a package MUST BE saved in hg repo.
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