How To Publish the NetBeans Weekly Newsletter in Your Language

How to create new content and publish the newsletter



Admin Has all permissions to manage and publish the newsletter and maintain the users. Admin privileges are limited to 1, or at most 2, members of a language community.
User/Contributor Common user who can only add new items, modify his/her own items which were not assign to any newsletter altready, review stats on clicks on his/her issues

Recommended Schedule

Fridays Call for Content
Mondays English published
Wednesdays Other languages published

Step-by-Step Instructions

See NOTES below.

Prior to Translating the Newsletter

  • For each new language, provide the webmaster with a translation of the newsletter index page plus these strings: http://wiki.netbeans.org/NewsletterLocalizedStrings.
  • The index page is updated dynamically when a new issue is released. Send the localized versions in separate files, using the UTF8 character set as is done customarily for www content.
  • The English version is released on Mondays using the publishing tool. It will automatically generate community/news/newsletter/index.html + community/news/newsletter/YYYY-MM-DD.html (www version of newsletter), community/news/newsletter/archive.html.
  • Let the webmaster know the list of names and emails of people on the language team who will require content contributor or admin privileges.
  • Let the webmaster know the mailing list that should be used to announce the publishing of the newsletter (example: nbdiscuss_${lang_code}).

Start Using the Tool to Translate or Submit News Items

  • Login to the tool. You can set the language at the very first page after you log in.
  • The language team checks the English version and translates the desired items to the local language and inserts them into the tool.
  • At the same time, community members with access to the newsletter tool (request a login from the webmaster) can add extra items in the local language. Either translate the latest English newsletter items and/or add items of interest to your language community.
  • The language editor reviews all items in the local language and creates a new localized issue from them (setup items ordering etc...)
  • When all is reviewed, the language editor publishes the new language version. It is released on Tuesday or Wednesday. The tool will automatically create community/news/newsletter/index_(ja|pt_br...).html, community/news/newsletter/archive_(ja|pt_BR...).html, community/news/newsletter/YYYY-MM-DD_(ja|pt_BR...).html and it is also automatically mailed to the appropriate mailing list (eg. nbdiscuss_pt@, nbdiscuss_ja@). There is also a page community/news/newsletter/latest_${lang_code}.html created which always contains the latest www version of the newsletter (good for general promotion eg in blogs etc.)


  • Add blog entries, articles, or links to projects, tutorials and podcasts to the newsletter.
  • Some links and mailing list subscriptions may need to be updated with locale/language-specific references ("please contact us <link to language mailing list>", "subscribe to <mailing list address>.").
  • Additional news items relevant to your language group can be added to your newsletter even if not mentioned in the original English version. You can also skip news items that are not relevant.
  • Feel free to add the names of the translator(s) and/or contributor(s) to the newsletter itself.
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