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Application porting with Mobility Pack (5 Minutes)


This demo showcases the application porting features of NetBeans Mobility Pack.

Product Versions Supported

6.0 Beta1+

Points to Hit

  • Mobility pack lets you create configurations and provides a pre-preprocessor which help to port your application to different devices.

Demo Prep


We're at Beta, anything can go wrong.


  • Open the BallGame project.
  • Run the game and shoot a couple of balls:

File:Balls small.png

  • Mention that the size of the game is too small for this phone.
  • Explain that Mobility Pack lets you manage configurations and we'll create a new configuration.
  • Go to project properties and click on Manage Configurations.
  • Add new configuratio and call it SunPhone.
  • Close the dialog.
  • Open class com.cotopia.games.BallShotImageCreator
  • Go to line 32 and mention that the ball size is set here and can be changed.
  • Create a pre-processor block using right click | Preprocessor blocks | Create If / Else block
  • Use code completion to select SunPhone and change the code like this:
//#if SunPhone
        this.ballWidth = 24;        
        this.ballWidth = 16;        
  • Switch to Motorola configuration and explain that the code for SunPhone gets commented out.
  • Switch back to SunPhone and explain that the else block gets commented out now.
  • Run the demo with the SunPhone configuration.
  • Explain that the game is bigger now:


  • Switch to Motorola and run the game.
  • It will be smaller again.
  • Switch to files window.
  • Browse the dist directory and show different jars for different phones.

Demo Cleanup

Delete the demo project.

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