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Matrix of Expertise of the NetBeans Dream Team members

Name Java SE Java EE Java ME C/C++ Modules Localisation Projects JUG Java Champion WebSite Blog
Adam Bien X X Leisure activity very long time ago Will contribute soon Germany Thinking about opensourcing a heating control software and a J2ME mesh-up Yes www.adam-bien.com blog.adam-bien.com
Alex Kotchnev Plenty of Swing and General SE goodness The whole nine yards : Tapestry, JSF, Spring, Hibernate, OJB Thesis Project : J2ME Video Streaming (thought about open sourcing it, never got around to it) X X Could support Russian, Bulgarian if needed JFreeSafe Capital District JUG X X http://akochnev.blogspot.com
Aristides Villarreal Bravo X JSF,JSP,Servlet,VWP X X Spanish PanamaJUG Javahispano NO Spanish
Edgar Silva X X X Portuguese
Fabrizio Giudici X X X A long time ago X Italian blueMarine, Mistral, Pleiades, windRose, Rio plugin JUG Milan No English English, English
Ibon Urrutia X X A long, long time ago javahispano
Jörg Plewe X X FlyingGuns HARDCODE on java.net
Masoud Kalali X Web Services, SOA, EJBs, VWP X A long time ago nbGmail checker Farsi, Afghanistan Persian MDictionary English
Michael Nascimento Santos X X Enough to get certified, which ain't that much :-) X X Portuguese
Michel Graciano X X Not so much :-) Copy and Paste History Auto Save Module Portuguese English
Rich Unger X X X FeedReader Module sample, AudioStation module sample, JDIC browser integration java.net
Sven Reimers X A long time ago Germany SQE blogspot.com
Tom Wheeler Very experienced with all major areas of J2SE Many years experience with Web development using Java EE technologies (Servlets, JSP, Struts, etc.); Web Services, Hibernate, some EJB experience - Some C experience; very basic C++ experience dozens for internal use - NetBeans, PlatformX St. Louis Java Users Group - www.tomwheeler.com (very neglected these days) -
Tonny Kohar Plenty of Swing and General SE goodness X X X X NUG Indonesia KIYUT Inspiration and Expression
Tushar Joshi Experienced with all major areas of Java SE Experience with Web development using Java EE technologies (Servlets, JSP, Struts, Web Services, Hibernate, EJB, Spring) experience Some experience Experienced in C and C++ - - NetBeans, PlatformX Java Users Group Nagpur JUG Leader www.tusharvjoshi.com NetBeans Blog
Vincent Brabant X JSP, Servlet, Web Services None None French fr.netbeans.org, translatedfiles java.developpez.com Yes French French, English
Vinicius Senger X globalcode
Wade Chandler X X X X I have a couple on contrib, and I have contributed a couple fixes on Netbeans.org English iReport - it has been a while since I have contributed None No Current Home Page Software Development Blog
Javier Ortiz X X Hopefully soon X I have a couple on JDepend, XML Tools and working on one for Relief English Community UML None Hopefully soon Current Home Page Netbeans DZone
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