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Current Dream Team Members and Affiliates

Current Dream Team Members

Name Country Specialization
Adam Bien Germany Instructor, Consultant, Author, Blogger
Aljoscha "Josh" Rittner Germany Software Developer, Blogger
Andreas Stefik USA Scientist, Professor, Programming Language Designer
Anton "Toni" Epple Germany Consultant, Blogger
Anuradha Gunasekara Sri Lanka Maven Support co-developer, CubeoN author, NetCAT participant
Aristides Villarreal Bravo Panama Professor, Blogger, Writer, Translator
Bruno Souza Brazil Java and Open Source Movement enthusiast
Caoyuan Deng Canada Independent Developer, Blogger
Chris Palmer Australia Software Consultant
Edgar Silva Brazil JUG leader, Speaker & Blogger
Emilian Bold Romania Consultant, Blogger
Ernie Rael USA Software Developer, Module Developer
Fabrizio Giudici Italy Software Architect, JUG leader, Blogger
Florian Vogler Germany Software Engineer
Hermien Pellissier South Africa Software Developer, Blogger
Jacek Laskowski Poland Warszawa JUG Founder and Leader, Blogger, ASF Committer, Speaker, Writer
Javier A. Ortiz Bultrón USA Software Quality Engineer, Xinco Lead Programmer, Open Source Developer, UML Community Project Lead
Jonathan Spooner USA Software Developer
John Yeary USA Software Developer, Consultant, Speaker, Blogger
Jörg Plewe Germany Speaker & Blogger
Kirk Pepperdine Hungary Java Champion, Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Performance Tuning Guru
Kristian Rink Germany Software Architect, Writer, Blogger, JUG-Co-Organizer
Liang Ding China Software Developer, Documentation Translator, Blogger
Michael Bien Germany TODO
Michael Nascimento Santos Brazil Senior Technical Consultant, Blogger, Speaker & JUG Leader
Michel Graciano Brazil Technical Consultant, Blogger & Speaker
Milos Kleint Czech Republic TODO
Rich Unger USA Senior Software Engineer, Blogger, Speaker, & Writer
Sven Reimers Germany Software Architect, System Engineer, Blogger
Zoran Sevarac Serbia Software Developer, Assistant Professor, Researcher
Tim Boudreau USA Software Architect
Tonny Kohar Indonesia Senior Software Engineer/Lead, Blogger
Tushar Joshi India Sr. Project Manager and Software Architect, Blogger, Open Source Developer, Trainer, Speaker
Vinicius Senger Brazil Instructor, Speaker
Wade Chandler USA User Support, Module Developer, Blogger, Writer

Newest/Latest Members

Name Country
Paul and Gail Anderson USA
Jens Deters Germany
Constantin Drabo Burkina Faso
Markus Eisele Germany
Arun Gupta USA
David Heffelfinger USA
Rajmahendra Hegde India
Josh Juneau USA
Martin Klaehn Germany
John Kostaras (Blog) Greece
Thomas Kruse Germany
Benno Markiewicz Germany
Sean Phillips USA
Mark Stephens UK
Martijn Verburg UK
Johan Vos Belgium
Timon Veenstra The Netherlands
Aatul Palandurkar India

Project Liaison

Geertjan Wielenga from Oracle

Former Liasons

Name Information
Jiří Kovalský from Oracle Jiří was a tremendous help! He has been helping with many things we needed in regards to NetBeans and he still technically supports us.
Bruno Souza Bruno wasn't just our liaison. He helped us get started, and spent many hours on our team and getting it off the ground.
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