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|  pdf file  
|  pdf file  
| ken
| ken
| done
|  release notes  
|  release notes  
|  P1  
|  P1  
|  www//community/releases/74/relnotes.html  
|  www//community/releases/80/relnotes.html  
|  3600
|  3600
| Alyona  
| Alyona  
| done
|  install.html  
|  install.html  
|  P1  
|  P1  
|  www//community/releases/74/install.html  
|  www//community/releases/80/install.html  
|  2800
|  2800
| Alyona
| Alyona
|  index.html  
|  index.html  
|  P1  
|  P1  
|  www//community/releases/74/index.html  
|  www//community/releases/80/index.html  
|  400
|  400
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|  C++ setup instructions
|  C++ setup instructions
|  P1  
|  P1  
|  www//community/releases/74/cpp-setup-instructions.html  
|  www//community/releases/80/cpp-setup-instructions.html  
| Alyona
| Alyona
| done
|  Mac OS X page
|  Mac OS X page

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NetBeans IDE 8.0 Documentation Table

This page lists tutorials and other key web pages that comprise the NetBeans IDE 8.0 Documentation collection. The main purpose of this page is to provide complete information about all documents available for the NetBeans IDE. This inventory can be used by the L10n team to assess the level of localization efforts.


  • Screencasts will not be localized.
  • All docs are web-based and in html format with the exception of the pdf shortcut card.
  • Javahelp is not being localized for 8.0. The Modules are listed below for reference use. In NetBeans IDE 7.4 the Javahelp modules were consolidated into one module (usersguide) and the help topics in other modules was removed. All non-CSH topics were removed from the IDE distribution and migrated to an online users guide that is available at docs.oracle.com. Note, the platform and CND modules were not migrated.


OnlineHelp Updates

Module Location in Help Set Module Name New or Updated Comments Owner Status
General IDE help usersguide org.netbeans.modules.usersguide new location for framemaker sources Alyona/ Ken done
Platform apisupport.project org.netbeans.modules.apisupport.project Geertjan
C++ cnd/javahelp org.netbeans.modules.cnd updated several topics for UI changes, a few new topics Susan done
Collab collab.channel.chat, collab.channel.filesharing, collab.ui Plugin from Update Center
Identity Mangagement identity.profile.ui No longer supported?
JavaCard javacard.project Maintained?
BlueJ o.n.bluej Plugin maintained?
CVS Versioning versioning.system.cvss Plugin maintained?

General Java and Desktop

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Overview of JDK 8 Support in NetBeans IDE www/kb/docs/java/javase-jdk8.html 1315 Alyona
Native Packaging in NetBeans IDE www/kb/docs/java/native_pkg.html 1855 Alyona
Static Code Analysis in the NetBeans IDE Java Editor p3 www/kb/docs/java/code-inspect.html Alyona
Gap Editing Support in the NetBeans GUI Builder p3 www/kb/docs/java/gui-gaps.html Alyona
Refactoring with Inspect and Transform in the NetBeans IDE Java Editor p3 www/kb/docs/java/editor-inspect-transform.html Alyona
Java Quick Start Guide p3 www/kb/docs/java/quickstart.html Alyona
Designing a Basic Java Form Using the GridBag Customizer p3 www/kb/docs/java/gbcustomizer-basic.html Alyona
Designing an Advanced Java Form Using the GridBag Customizer p3 www/kb/docs/java/gbcustomizer-advanced.html Alyona
GIT User Guide p2 www/kb/docs/ide/git.html Alyona
Overview of JDK 7 Support in NetBeans IDE p2 www/kb/docs/java/javase-jdk7.html Alyona
Packaging and Distributing Java Applications p2.5 www/kb/docs/java/javase-deploy.html Alyona
Code Assistance in the NetBeans Java Editor p2.5 www/kb/docs/java/editor-codereference.html Alyona
Developing General Java Applications p2.5 www/kb/docs/java/javase-intro.html Alyona
Binding Beans and Data in a Java Application p3 www/kb/docs/java/gui-binding.html Alyona
Creating, Importing, and Configuring Java Projects p2 www/kb/docs/java/project-setup.html Alyona
Importing Eclipse Applications p3 www/kb/doc/java/import-eclipse.html Alyona
Designing a Swing GUI in NetBeans IDE p3 www/kb/docs/java/quickstart-gui.html Alyona
Handling Images in a Java GUI Application p2 www/kb/docs/java/gui-image-display.html Alyona
Introduction to GUI Building p3 www/kb/docs/java/gui-functionality.html Alyona
GUI Builder Visual Feedback Legend p3 www/kb/docs/java/quickstart-gui-legend.html Alyona
Adding a File Chooser to a Java Application p3 www/kb/docs/java/gui-filechooser.html Alyona
GUI Internationalization p3 www/kb/docs/java/gui-automatic-i18n.html Alyona
Guided Tour of Subversion p3 www/kb/docs/ide/subversion.html Alyona
Guided Tour of CVS p3 www/kb/docs/ide/cvs.html Alyona
Using ClearCase Support in NetBeans IDE p3 www/kb/docs/ide/clearcase.html Alyona
Using Mercurial Support in NetBeans IDE p2 www/kb/doc/ide/mercurial.html Alyona
Using Support for Mercurial Queues in NetBeans IDE p2 www/kb/doc/ide/mercurial-queues.html Alyona
Annotation Processors Support www/kb/docs/java/annotations.html Ken
Annotation Processors Support: Part I Using Project Lombok www/kb/docs/java/annotations-lombok.html Ken
Annotation Processors Support: Part II: Using Own Custom Annotation Processors in the IDE www/kb/docs/java/annotations-custom.html Ken
Developing a Java Management Extensions (JMX) Manager p3 www/kb/docs/java/jmx-manager-tutorial.html ken
Getting Started with JMX Monitoring p3 www/kb/docs/java/jmx-getstart.html ken
Adding Java Management Extensions (JMX) Instrumentation to a Java Application p3 www/kb/docs/java/jmx-tutorial.html ken
Using Hibernate in a Java Desktop Database Application www/kb/docs/java/hibernate-java-se.html ken
Debugging a Multithreaded Application p3 kb/docs/java/debug-multithreaded.html ken
Writing JUnit Tests in NetBeans p3 kb/docs/java/junit-intro.html ken
Enabling Java Web Start www/kb/docs/java/javase-jws.html ken
Using the Visual Debugger p3 www/kb/docs/java/debug-visual.html ken
Introduction to Groovy www/kb/docs/java/groovy-quickstart.html ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Testing Enterprise Application P2 www/kb/docs/javaee/maven-entapp-testing.html ken
OSGi Declarative Services Using Maven and CDI p3 www/kb/docs/javaee/maven-osgiservice-cdi.html ken
Creating a Maven Swing Application Using Hibernate p3 www/kb/docs/java/maven-hib-java-se.html ken
Creating an Enterprise Application Using Maven p3 www/kb/docs/javaee/maven-entapp.html ken
Using the WebSocket API in a Web Application p3 www/kb/docs/javaee/maven-websocketapi.html ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
NetBeans Platform Quick Start P1 /tutorials/nbm-quick-start.html 2,000 Update Geertjan
NetBeans Platform Crud Application Tutorial P2 /tutorials/nbm-crud.html 5,000 Update Geertjan
HTML Editor Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-htmleditor.html 4,000 Update Geertjan
NetBeans Visual Library Tutorial for Java Applications P3 /tutorials/nbm-quick-start-visual.html 3,000 Update Geertjan
NetBeans Platform Wizard Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-wizard.html 4,000 Update Geertjan
Google Toolbar Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-google.html 2,000 Update Geertjan
Quick Search Integration P3 /tutorials/nbm-quick-search.html 2,500 Update Geertjan
Code Generator Integration P3 /tutorials/nbm-code-generator.html 2,000 Update Geertjan
File Type Integration P3 /tutorials/nbm-filetype.html 3,000 Update Geertjan
Paint Application P3 /tutorials/nbm-paintapp.html 5,000 Update Geertjan
Feed Reader Application P3 /tutorials/nbm-feedreader.html 6,000 Update Geertjan
NetBeans Platform Porting Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-porting-basic.html 5,000 Update Geertjan
Java Language Infrastructure P3 /tutorials/nbm-copyfqn.html 3,000 Update Geertjan
Code Snippet Module P3 /tutorials/nbm-palette-api-1.html 3,000 Update Geertjan
Editor Component Palette Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-palette-api2.html 3,500 Update Geertjan
Visual Library Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-visual_library.html 2,600 Update Geertjan
XML Editor Extension Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-xmleditor.html 1,700 Update Geertjan
Hyperlink Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-hyperlink.html 1,500 Update Geertjan
Code Completion Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-code-completion.html 3,000 Update Geertjan
System Properties Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-nodesapi.html 4,500 Update Geertjan
Options Window Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-options.html 2,000 Update Geertjan
Project Type Extension Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-projectextension.html 1,500 Update Geertjan
Project Sample Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-projectsamples.html 2,700 Update Geertjan
File Template Module Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-filetemplates.html 2,400 Update Geertjan
Part 1: Selection Management Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-selection-1.html 3,800 Update Geertjan
Part 2: Selection Management Tutorial II - Using Nodes P3 /tutorials/nbm-selection-2.html 2,500 Update Geertjan
Part 3: Nodes API Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-nodesapi2.html 4,000 Update Geertjan
Part 4: Property Editor API Tutorial P3 /tutorials/nbm-property-editors.html 2,000 Update Geertjan
NetBeans Platform Quick Start Using Maven P3 /tutorials/nbm-maven-quickstart.html 4,000 update Geertjan
Creating a NetBeans Module Using Maven P3 /tutorials/nbm-maven-modulesingle.html 2500 update Geertjan
Working with NetBeans Module Suites Using Maven P3 /tutorials/nbm-maven-modulesuite.html 3500 update Geertjan
Creating a NetBeans Platform CRUD Application Using Maven P3 /tutorials/nbm-maven-crud.html 6000 update Geertjan


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Securing a Web Application -- www//kb/docs/web/security-webapps.html ken
Introduction to the Grails Web Framework P3 www/kb/docs/web/grails-quickstart.html ken
Introduction to the Wicket Web Framework P3 www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-webapps-wicket.html ken
Creating a Simple Web Application using a MySQL Database P3 www/kb/docs/web/mysql-webapp.html ken
Adding Support for a Web Framework P3 www/kb/docs/web/framework-adding-support.html ken
Introduction to Spring P3 www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-webapps-spring.html ken
Introduction to Vaadin -- www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-vaadin.html 2100 no changes --
Introduction to Struts P3 www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-webapps-struts.html ken
Introduction to the Google Web Toolkit Framework -- www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-webapps-gwt.html 3,750 no changes --
Introduction to Developing Web Applications P3 www/kb/docs/web/quickstart-webapps.html ken
Integrating an Applet in a Web Application P3 www/kb/docs/web/applets.html ken
Using Hibernate in a Web Application P3 www/kb/docs/web/hibernate-webapp.html ken

HTML5, JavaScript and Ajax

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Getting Started with HTML5 Applications P2 www/kb/docs/webclient/html5-gettingstarted.html ken
Working with CSS Stylesheets in HTML5 Applications P1 www/kb/docs/webclient/html5-editing-css.html ken
Debugging and Testing JavaScript in HTML5 Applications P1 www/kb/docs/webclient/html5-js-support.html ken
Introduction to Ajax (Java-based) P3 www/kb/docs/web/ajax-quickstart.html ken
Introduction to Ajax (PHP-based) www/kb/docs/php/ajax-quickstart.html ken
Connecting a Dojo Tree to an ArrayList using JSON P3 www/kb/docs/web/js-toolkits-dojo.html ken
Using jQuery to Enhance the Appearance and Usability of a Web Page p3 www/kb/docs/web/js-toolkits-jquery.html 3700 ken

Web Services

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Getting Started with JAX-WS Web Services P2 www/kb/docs/websvc/jax-ws.html ken
Developing JAX-WS Web Service Clients -- www/kb/docs/websvc/client.html ken
Web Service Application Passing Binary Data pt 1: Overview -- www/kb/docs/websvc/flower_overview.html ken
Web Service Application Passing Binary Data pt 2: Creating the Web Service -- www/kb/docs/websvc/flower_ws.html ken
Web Service Application Passing Binary Data pt 3: Coding and Testing the Web Service -- www/kb/docs/websvc/flower-code-ws.html ken
Web Service Application Passing Binary Data pt 4: Modifying the Schema and WSDL Files P3 www/kb/docs/websvc/flower_wsdl_schema.html ken
Web Service Application Passing Binary Data pt 5: Creating the Swing Client -- www/kb/docs/websvc/flower_swing.html ken
WSDL to Java With JAXB -- www/kb/docs/websvc/jaxb.html ken
Getting Started with RESTful Web Services P3 www/kb/docs/websvc/rest.html ken
Creating RESTful Service Clients in NetBeans Modules P3 www/kb/docs/websvc/jersey-rcp-client.html 1800 Geertjan
SaaS: Zillow -- www/kb/docs/websvc/zillow.html 1600 -- ken
Advanced Web Service Interoperability -- www/kb/docs/websvc/wsit.html ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
NetBeans IDE PHP Quick Start Tutorial -- www/kb/docs/php/quickstart.html ken
NetBeans IDE for PHP Editor: Brief Overview P3 www/kb/docs/php/editorguide.html ken
Saas in PHP: Google Map Service www/kb/docs/php/php-saas-google.html ken
Testing PHP with Code Coverage/PHPUnit/Selenium on NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/php/phpunit.html ken
Configuring the PHP Environment in Mac -- www/kb/docs/php/configure-php-environment-mac.html ken
Configuring the PHP Environment in Ubuntu -- www/kb/docs/php/configure-php-environment-ubuntu.html ken
Configuring the PHP Environment in Windows -- www/kb/docs/php/configure-php-environment-windows.html ken
Code Templates for NetBeans IDE for PHP P3 www/kb/docs/php/code-templates.html ken
Deploying PHP Applications to a Remote Web Server P3 www/kb/docs/php/remote-hosting-and-ftp-account.html ken
Debugging PHP Source Code P3 www/kb/docs/php/debugging.html ken
Setting Up a PHP Project P3 www/kb/docs/php/project-setup.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 1a P3 www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson1.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 1b P3 www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-oracle-lesson1.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 2 P3 www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson2.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 3 P3 www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson3.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 4 -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson4.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 5 -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson5.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 6 - www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson6.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 7 -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson7.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 8 -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson8.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP Lesson 9 -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-lesson9.html ken
Creating a CRUD Application with PHP -- www/kb/docs/php/wish-list-tutorial-main-page.html 400 ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Connecting to Oracle Database from NetBeans IDE P3 www//kb/docs/ide/oracle-db.html
Setting Up the MySQL Database Server in the Windows Operating System p3 www/kb/docs/ide/install-and-configure-mysql-server.html Alyona
Connecting to a MySQL Database P3 www/kb/docs/ide/mysql.html ken
Working with the Java DB (Derby) Database P3 www//kb/docs/ide/java-db.html ken

Java ME / Mobility

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Creating, Debugging, and Profiling a Mobile Embedded Application p3 www/kb/docs/javame/imp-ng.html 1,300 Alyona
MIDP Quick Start Guide p2 www/kb/docs/javame/quickstart.html 1,300 Alyona
CDC Quick Start Guide P2 www/kb/docs/javame/cdc-quickstart.html 1,100 Alyona
CDC Emulator Setup www/kb/docs/javame/cdc-emulatorsetup.html 1,300 Alyona


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Adding C Unit Tests to a C/C++ Project p2 www/kb/docs/cnd/c-unit-tests.html Susan
Editing and Navigating C/C++ Source Files tutorial P2 www/kb/docs/cnd/navigating-editing.html 2575 update Susan
C/C++ Projects Quick Start tutorial P3 www/kb/docs/cnd/quickstart.html 2200 update Susan
Working with Qt Applications www//kb/docs/cnd/qt-applications.html 1433 update Susan
Defining Your C/C++ Project's Development Environment tutorial p2 www//kb/docs/cnd/development-environment.html 923 update Susan
C/C++ Remote Development Tutorial www//kb/docs/cnd/remotedev-tutorial.html 2973 update Susan
Configuring the NetBeans IDE for C/C++/Fortran p1 www//community/releases/74/cpp-setup-instructions.html 3481 update Susan
Exploring Macros in Your Code P3 www//kb/docs/cnd/macro-features.html 900 update Susan
Debugging C/C++ Projects tutorial P2 www//kb/docs/cnd/debugging.html 795 update Susan
C/C++ Application How-Tos www//kb/docs/cnd/How-Tos.html 1128 update, add intro para Susan
Beginning JNI with NetBeans IDE and C/C++ Plugin on Linux p2 www//kb/docs/cnd/beginning-jni-linux.html 1574 update Susan
Make Dependency Checking p2 www//kb/docs/cnd/depchecking.html 1174 update Susan
Storing NetBeans C/++ Projects Under VCS p3 www//kb/docs/cnd/cpp-vcs.html 850 Alyona
Modes of C/C++ Remote Development in the IDE www//kb/docs/cnd/remote-modes.html 1738 Susan
Sharing Parse Results of a Large C/C++ Project p3 www//kb/docs/cnd/sharing-parse-results.html 630 Alyona

Java EE

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Running Web Applications on Oracle Cloud www/kb/docs/web/oracle-cloud.html ken
Developing an Enterprise Application for Oracle WebLogic Server P3 www/kb/docs/web/jsf-jpa-weblogic.html ken
Testing Java EE Application using Embedded EJB Container P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/javaee-entapp-junit.html ken
NetBeans Ecommerce Tutorial (NET) - Introduction P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/intro.html 3260
NET - Designing the Application P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/design.html 2655
NET - Setting up the Development Environment P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/setup-dev-environ.html 3258
NET - Preparing the Domain Model P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/domain-model.html 3552
NET - Preparing the Page Views and Controller Servlet P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce//page-views-controller.html 6805
NET - Connecting the Application to the Database P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/connect-db.html 7923
NET - Adding Entity Classes and Session Beans P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/entity-session.html 6114
NET - Managing Sessions P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/manage-sessions.html 8427
NET - Integrating Transactional Business Logic P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/transaction.html 4458
NET - Conclusion P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/conclusion.html ~2000
NET - Setup Instructions P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/ecommerce/setup.html 649
Getting Started with Contexts and Dependency Injection and JSF 2.0 P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/cdi-intro.html 1633 ken
Working with Injection and Qualifiers in CDI P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/cdi-inject.html 3418 ken
Applying @Alternative Beans and Lifecycle Annotations P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/cdi-validate.html 2589 ken
Working with Events in CDI P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/cdi-events.html 1956 Ken
JSF 2.0 Support P3 www/kb/docs/web/jsf20-support.html 3600 ken
Introduction to JSF 2.0 P2 www/kb/docs/web/jsf20-intro.html 5900 ken
Generating a JSF CRUD from Database P3 www/kb/docs/web/jsf20-crud.html 4900 ken
Getting Started with Java EE Applications P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/javaee-gettingstarted.html 3000 ken
Creating an Enterprise Application with EJB 3.1 P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/javaee-entapp-ejb.html 8500 ken
Building Secure Enterprise Beans in Java EE P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/secure-ejb.html 2000 ken
Creating an Application Client in NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/entappclient.html 3000 Ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Profiling an Enterprise Application in NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/javaee/profiler-javaee.html 5000 ken
Introduction to Profiling Java Applications in NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/java/profiler-intro.html 3500 ken
Using Profiling Points in NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/java/profiler-profilingpoints.html 2500 ken
Using a Load Generator in NetBeans IDE P3 www/kb/docs/java/profile-loadgenerator.html 1000 Ken


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Working With a Team Server in NetBeans IDE p3 www/kb/docs/ide/team-servers.html Ken

Learning Trails

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
General Java Development P1 www/kb/trails: java-se.html update Alyona
Integration with External Tools and Services P1 www/kb/trails: tools.html update ken / alyona
Java GUI Applications P1 www/kb/trails: matisse.html update alyona
Java EE & Java Web Applications P1 www/kb/trails: java-ee.html ken
Web Services P1 www/kb/trails: web.html update
NetBeans Platform (RCP) and Module Development P1 www/kb/trails: platform.html update geertjan
C/C++ Applications P1 www/kb/trails: cnd.html update alyona
PHP and HTML5 Applications P1 www/kb/trails: php.html update ken
Mobile and Embedded Applications P1 www/kb/trails: mobility.html update Alyona

Product Features Pages

Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
C++ Editing P1 /features/cpp/editor.html
C++ Project Import P1 /features/cpp/project-import.html
C++ Remote Development P1 /features/cpp/remote-development.html
C++ Unit Testing P1 /features/cpp/unit-testing.html
C++ features P1 /features/cpp/index.html update web
Groovy features P1 /features/groovy/index.html
Base IDE Editor P1 /features/ide/editor.html web
Base IDE Database Integration P1 /features/ide/database.html updated web
Base IDE Connected Developer P1 /features/ide/connected_developer.html updated web
IDE Base Features P1 /features/ide/index.html updated web
Base IDE Versioning P1 /features/ide/collaboration.html update web
Java Build Tools P1 /features/java/build-tools.html update web
Java Debugger P1 /features/java/debugger.html update web
Java features P1 /features/java/index.html
Java Editing P1 /features/java/editor.html
Java Testing P1 /features/java/testing.html
Java On Server Java EE P1 /features/java-on-server/java-ee.html update web
Java On Server Web Services P1 /features/java-on-server/web-services.html update web
Java On Server Deployment P1 /features/java-on-server/deployment.html update web
Java on Client features P1 /features/java-on-client/index.html
Java on Client JavaFX P1 /features/java-on-client/javafx.html
Java on Client Java ME P1 /features/java-on-client/java-me.html update web
HTML5 features P1 /features/html5/index.html
Java on Client Swing P1 /features/java-on-client/swing.html update web
PHP features P1 /features/php/index.html
PHP Editor P1 /features/php/editor.html
PHP Frameworks P1 /features/php/frameworks.html
PHP Development Cycle P1 /features/php/development-cycle.html
Platform features P1 /features/platform/index.html


Document Priority SVN Location of Source Word Count New or Updated Comments Owner Status
Welcome screen content P1 ide/welcome module 300 new
content for UI Gestures collector P1 www//uigestures/index.html 250 new
content for UI Gestures collector P1 www//uigestures/error.html 50 new
README.html P1 ide/branding/release 300 moderate changes
keyboard shortcuts card (shortcuts.pdf) P1 usersguide/shortcut.pdf 900 moderate changes pdf file ken
release notes P1 www//community/releases/80/relnotes.html 3600 Alyona
install.html P1 www//community/releases/80/install.html 2800 Alyona
index.html P1 www//community/releases/80/index.html 400
C++ setup instructions P1 www//community/releases/80/cpp-setup-instructions.html Alyona
Mac OS X page P3 www//kb/articles/mac.html ken
Screencast overview page P1 www//kb/docs/intro-screencasts.html update


Screencast URL Estimated Date Owner Status
Setting Up a GitHub Repository Using NetBeans IDE www/kb/docs/ide/github_nb_screencast.html Alyona done

Which docs are included in the list?

The tables above lists of all of the new, updated and unchanged documents included on the 7.4 FCS Learning Trail for each of the respective technologies.

Explanation of Doc Priorities

Docs should be listed in the L10N table in order of priority for translation. This release P1 docs will be translated and possibly some P2 docs. The current system is:

  • P1: New, never before translated tutorials, installation instructions, release notes,features pages.
  • P1.5: Quick-starts for the various technologies even when only minor updates have been made.
  • P2: Docs that have been substantially or completely rewritten since last being translated.
  • P3: Docs that have had minor (eg: versioning) updates and do not require translation.

Status column should be marked as "done" when a doc is 100% complete and ready for translation.

__Note: All translated docs will be delivered to netbeans.org unless noted otherwise in the Comments|| Status column.

How to get a word count of your document for L10N:

  1. Open the html file/tutorial/document in a web browser.
  2. Copy all of the text (ctrl+a to highlight all, ctrl+c to copy).
  3. Paste all text into empty Open Office document (ctrl+v).
  4. In OpenOffice, go to Main menu, Tools > Word Count.
  5. A pop up window shows a word count and total characters typed. Round the word count up or down to the nearest '00 or '50 digit. This is accurate enough for L10N to make their estimates and allocate resources. eg: 2142 rounds up to 2150, 2217 rounds down to 2200, etc
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