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History tab in Editor was enhanced to contain also history from the used version control system (VCS). There are two possible behaviors now:

  • Project without any VCS or with unsupported VCS - classic History tab with Local History.
  • Project with some of the supported VCS - History tab with Local History + VCS History.

Supported VCS are Mercurial, Subversion and Git.

VCS Note: Though there are more VCS supported, for the purpose of this testing, using only one is enough. Because most of you are used to Mercurial, it's suggested to use this one. To put newly created NB project under Mercurial, select the project root node in Projects view, invoke menu Team > Mercurial > Initialize Project, confirm the project directory and perform the initial commit.

Local History Note: Record to the Local History is added when the locally modified file is saved. The record contains the state of the file before the saved changes.

Tested Build


What To Test


  • check availability of VCS History in History tab on all file types in your area


  • try making few local changes and few commits
  • try browsing recorded changes
  • try diffing records
  • try loading older records
  • try filtering results
  • try context actions
  • try using options
  • try everything is in same state after IDE restart


  • evaluate orientation in History view with VCS History
  • evaluate navigation/browsing comfort
  • evaluate intuitivity of actions
  • propose missing actions

Exceptions and Functionality Issues

check the Known Problems Table and report new issues to Bugzilla (versioncontrol -> History)

Usability Issues

report to the Results Table or add a record or +1 into the Enhancements Table

Known Problems Table

description issue
Empty tab menu when in History mode #207749
When "<VCS>" or "Local" filters are set up, "Load next" disappears #208508
Local History context actions disabled #207921
On multi selection, the newer file is on the left #208571
Can't edit Local History message #209002
Form files are not correctly displayed #209179
Navigation arrows don't jump between records #209182
Incorrect strings in "Show only rows here" context menu #209335
Files not closed after closing project #209458

Results Table

tester area availability (Yes/No) functionality (OK/<issues>) usability (OK/<comments>)
Tomas Maven Yes
Jirka P. Java Yes Wrong labels in filter context menu #209319 Rollback action has no confirmation #209336
Jirka S. J2EE Yes Strange filter combo box #209314

Changing filter should reset results #209315
Number format not checked in options #209316
"History|Show History" opens <filename>[Local History] tab for *.xml, *.xhtml, *.dtd, *.wsdl files #209330
Local history not initialized for faces-config.xml #209338

- view on revision should not open new editor instance when already opened

- do not show "Load next" for files not yet added to VCS

Jirka K. any Go Go (#209340, #209329, #209331) Go (#209324, #209328)
Petr any Yes
Vlada PHP No in JSON (Issue 209139) and YAML (Issue 209374) Filtering escapes characters #209378 in Enhancements Table
Stepan JavaFX, Mobility No (#209368,#203652) in Known Problems Table in Enhancements Table

Enhancements Table

summary +1
History should be selected by default in the list of categories in VCS Options manager, when invoked by Options button in History tab Stepan, Jirka K., Lada
Better design for "Load next" button (specify...) Stepan, Petr, Tomas, Jirka K.
Local changes that were commited (i.e. diff with particular revision is 0) should not be shown in history tab, it's useless Tomas, Stepan
Disable "Revert Deleted" action on folder if there are no deleted files inside. Jirka K.
Tooltips are missing for Arrow Up/Down, Refresh, Filter and Options buttons. Jirka K., Stepan
Timestamping problem; local changes made after commit are shown in reverse order - i.e. first is versioning change (on top) and then (under) is local change, which has lower timestamp. Confusing for me. Tomas, Stepan
In Settings there is under Versioning Systems item History that contains settings for Local history and for all VCS ("Versioning History") as well => move the VCS settings to General Lada
Could be useful to load changes by item count, not by date. I.e. I want to see last 20 changes and do not care if they were made week of year ago. Tomas, Stepan, Lada
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