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* Icons in JNLP files
* Icons in JNLP files
* splash
* offline-allowed
* offline-allowed

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Note: This is a tentative feature list subject to changes.

JavaFX 2.0, 2.x, and 3.x supports/will support development with both 32 bit and 64 bit Java SDKs on Windows, Mac, Linux and possibly other platforms. NetBeans 7.2 JavaFX module will support all JavaFX platforms as they become available. NetBeans 7.2 will extend the JavaFX support module to include JavaFX 2.0, 2.x, and 3.x features when thay appear or have appeared after 7.1 feature freeze and will improve the support of existing ones.


Key support elements

Since JavaFX RT and/or SDK is not part of Java RT/JDK yet, NetBeans must enable user configuration of which JavaFX installation to use with which JDK in a NetBeans JavaFX project. This is done since NetBeans 7.1 by setting up a "JavaFX-enabled Java platform". NetBeans 7.2 will improve the user experience in this respect:

  • The handling of "JavaFX-enabled Java platforms" will be clarified and streamlined, the UI will be made more intuitive. Wizard for detecting installed JavaFX SDK should be implemented like it is done in Mobility for detecting Java ME SDK.
  • Default "JavaFX-enabled Java platforms" will be created more reliably. Registry will be used on Windows.
  • NetBeans JavaFX project platform independence will be improved (projects transferred to a system with differently configured "JavaFX-enabled Java platforms" will be reconfigured automatically)

SceneBuilder support

  • SceneBuilder, a standalone visual GUI designer for FXML files, will be inter-connected with NetBeans 7.2 to streamline FXML editing workflow

Swing-FX Interoperability

  • NetBeans 7.2 will provide better project support for Swing projects that use JavaFX

Project properties

JavaFX platform configuration options keep getting extended. NetBeans 7.1 surfaces in the UI the key settings/parameters/properties of JavaFX 2.0. NetBeans 7.2 will add support for settings that became standard in JavaFX after NetBeans 7.1 feature freeze.

  • HTML parameters
  • Icons in JNLP files
  • splash
  • offline-allowed
  • application ID and placeholder
  • optional FX BLOB signing

Source editing

  • improved support for FXML file textual editing including code completion, organizing imports, GoTo Source support
  • improved CSS3 support including code completion

Build and Deployment

  • Predefined configurations should be created automatically for different deployment models: Standard, WebStart, WebBrowser
  • JavaFX projects created in older NetBeans version get updated to take use of new configuration options


  • Jasper had few ideas abour Visual Debugging improvements. TBD.


  • NB should generate real preloader example, not (or not only?) empty skeleton.

Productivity enhancements

  • Advanced features, for example prepared templates or code snippets for common JavaFX 2.0 idioms like FX properties and other small things, etc.


  • We should provide better test coverage.
  • JavaFX SDK integration should be automatically tested on their side (request from David). TBD.


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