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NetBeans Certified Update Center for NetBeans 7.2

This document lists all stable quality plugins that will be available on Certified (Stable) Update Center when NetBeans 7.2 Beta, RC and FCS will be released.

Also available is the list for the Plugin Portal Update Center.

Name Description Category Owner Status L10n
Plugins that are a part of the stableuc build configuration
CVS Introduces project level CVS (Concurrent Versioning System) features. Version control actions, such as diff, update, and commit aid in streamlining typical team development cycles. Base IDE Ondrej Vrabec (ovrabec) available
JIRA Support for JIRA - integrated issue tracking. Base IDE Tomas Stupka (tstupka) available
Team Server Support for java.net and kenai.com infrastructure. Base IDE Tomas Stupka (tstupka) available
Sakila Sample Database MySQL Sakila sample database Database Jiri Rechtacek (jrechtacek) available
Cobertura Module Test Coverage Code coverage support for RCP project types (suite and module). Developing NetBeans Milos Kleint (mkleint) available
NetBeans API Documentation NetBeans API Docs for plugin developers Developing NetBeans Milos Kleint (mkleint) available
Ant 1.8.3 Documentation Needed by any users writing nontrivial Ant scripts Java Milos Kleint (mkleint) available
FindBugs Integration FindBugs integration Java Jan Lahoda (jlahoda) available
Swing Application Framework Library Contains the Swing Application Framework library only. It doesn't include support for the design of GUI forms that are using this library. You should use NetBeans 7.0 if you need such support. Java SE Jan Stola (jstola) available
JUnit JUnit libraries Libraries Fanis Oikonomou (theofanis) available
JConsole NetBeans JConsole module: Sun JDK 5 and 6 Monitoring and Management support. Debug and run applications with JConsole. IMPORTANT NOTE: This module runs only on Sun JDK. Management Tomas Hurka (thurka) available
JMX (jmx, jmx.common, jconsole) JMX MBeans, Agent, and Manager Development Management Tomas Hurka (thurka) available
ProGuard Obfuscator Library Obfuscator for Java ME Mobility David Strupl??? available
Visual Mobile Designer ME functionality removed from standard build in 7.2 Mobility David Strupl (dstrupl) available
JMeter Kit (jmeter, jmeter-kit, loadgen-profiler-bridge, loadgenerator) Apache JMeter tool integration Testing Tools Tomas Hurka (thurka) available
Load Generator Provides a generic loadgenerator infastructure. Enables a unified access to all loadgenerator engines registered in the system. Tools Tomas Hurka (thurka) available

Status: Planned/Live
L10n: Image:l10n_NB6StableModulesUC.png means that this particular module is localized

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