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Testing NB 7.0 daily build on latest build of JDK 7

  •  !!! Please add JDK_1.7 into Keywords for JDK 7 issues !!!
Stoppers http://netbeans.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?status_whiteboard_type=substring&status_whiteboard=fix-in-nb701&keywords_type=allwords&keywords=JDK_1.7

Area Responsible Operating System Status, serious issues
C/V Tomas M. results-internal
Maven(J2SE) Tomas M. Windows 7 Done (found just generic issue in debugger 195944)
PHP Vladimir Windows XP Done, 2 possibly related bugs: 195850 and 195858
Debugger Jirka K. Linux Mint 10 Julia Done
Editor/ Java Jara Windows XP Done 195936
Refactoring Tomas T. Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Done, but thanks to issue 195790 ("repaint issue") I was unable to perform most of the test from Sanity TS.
Window System Tomas T. Linux Ubuntu 10.04 I think that WS works fine. At least same as in 1.6.0_24. But I found one issue: 195954
Form Adam Linux Ubuntu 10.04 Done. One related bug founded 95797
DB Tomas M. Windows 7 Done.
Subversion Stepan Ubuntu 10.04 Done. Only few minor graphics problems and possibly serious svnkit + https:// issue (195881). UPDATE: also affected by the JDK 7 repaint issue, when switching between files and Diff tabs in editor
Java EE Jirka S. Windows XP Done.
Web Languages : JSP, CSS, HTML, Javascript Vladimir Windows XP Done, no new issues related to WebLang, unrelated issue 195805
CnD Alexander Pepin Windows 7, Ubuntu IDE hangs while running a program on remote host (Win7 x64)issue 196110
Profiler Marian Ubuntu 10.10
Performance not tested
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Java Card not tested
Mobility not tested
Groovy not tested
JavaFX not available
Ruby not available
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