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NetBeans 7.0 Testing Progress

Full test

  • run all TSs on all supported Operating Systems with primary JDK/other runtimes
Feature Owner Tests Specifications Win XP Ubuntu Mac OS Win 7 Win Vista Other Notes
Java Webstart Tomas TS_65_J2SEWebstart EditorPlan610#JNLP_and_WebStart_improvements
Projects Tomas TS_61_ProjectsActions, TS_61_ProjectsProperties, TS_61_ProjectsLibraries, TS_61_ProjectsWizardsAndFreeform use JDK 6 & JDK 7 as a JDK for developed projects
Maven Tomas STS_70_Maven, TS_68_MavenEE6Sanity, STS_69_Maven_OSGI NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Maven - Maven 3 integration
Ant Tomas TS_61_Ant NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Ant_1.8.1 - upgrade to Ant 1.8.1
Editor Jara TS_69_Editor EditorPlan610#New_features, use JDK 6 & JDK 7 as a JDK for developed projects
Java Jara TS_70_Java, TS_65_CompileOnSave, TS_65_Formatting, TS_70_Hints EditorPlan610#New_features
Refactoring Jara TS_60_Refactoring (most used), TS_60_Refactoring2, TS_60_Refactoring3, TS_65_CallHierarchy EditorPlan610#New_features
Javadoc Jara TS_70_JavaDoc NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Javadoc
Web Languages Filip TS_60_JSPeditor, TS_60_CSSeditor, TS_60_HTMLeditor, TS_60_TLDeditor, TS_61_JavaScript, TS_60_Shell, TS_60_Bat, TS_60_Manifest EditorPlan610#Word_Wrap, WebLanguagesNB610 & NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Web_Languages
PHP Filip TS_67_PHP_Test_Specifications PHPNB610 & NewAndNoteworthyNB70#PHP
Performance Rudo TS_60_Performance(automated tests mainly) EditorPlan610#Performance - confirm speedup, check for regressions
JUnit community??? TS_68_JUnit NewAndNoteworthyNB70#JUnit
GUI Builder community??? TS_65_Form NewAndNoteworthyNB70#GUI_Builder_-_New_GridBagLayout_Designer
Profiler Marian TS_67_Profiler NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Profiler
Subversion Marian TS_61_SVN NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Native_Filesystem_listening - check mainly for external updates
Debugger Jirka TS_68_Debugger_Sanity, TS_67_JPDAdbg, TS_67_JPDAdbg_Interface, TS_67_JPDAdbg_Functionality, TS_67_JPDAdbg_DebuggingViews, TS 67 JPDAdbg DebuggingAndBreakpoints, TS_67_JPDAdbg_Miscellaneous, TS_67_ANTdbg, TS_67_MultiThreadedDebugging
C/C++ Alexander (CND team) TS_67_CNDQtSupport, TS_67_CNDMacroSupport, TS_67_CNDDiscoveryImprovements, TS_67_CNDrefactoring, TS_67_CNDeasyremote, TS_67_CNDobservability Solaris and NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Native_Filesystem_listening
Installer all TS_Installer covered by NB70InstallerTesting

Sanity Test

Feature Owner Tests Specifications OS] Notes
Mercurial community??? TS_61_HG focus on external changes see NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Native_Filesystem_listening
CVS community ??? TS_61_CVS like in NB68CVSTesting, focus on external changes see NewAndNoteworthyNB70#Native_Filesystem_listening
Local History community ??? TS_61_LocalHistory
Editable Diff community ??? TS_61_Diff
JavaME Jara  ??? TODO: create sanity TS for Mobility
Utilities community ??? TS_60_Utilities,

Not tested

Not available in NB 7.0 - not tested

Types Of Testing

  • Full test - for Primary Features and subset of affected features (modules/dependent modules affected by changes in the source code) - run all Test Specifications on all platforms and default JDK(on specific platform) once a release, if time permits cover by "second supported JDK" / "64bits"
  • Sanity test - for some modules - run NB70SanityTestSpecifications or subset of all Test Specifications on one or more platforms and default JDK(on specific platform) once release
  • Automated Tests Only - for some modules and Operating Systems, the testing will be covered only by Automated Tests. List of automated tests : unit tests written by module owner (if exists), Functional tests (if exists), Commit Validation Test Suite (run on particular Operating System)
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