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7.0 Beta 2 build Go/NoGo

NO GO - Stoppers https://netbeans.org/bugzilla/buglist.cgi?bug_id=

Area Responsible Build(s) tested Go/No Go status
C/V, Platform Tomas M.
Refactoring Tomas T.
Editor, Java Jara
Debugger Jirka Kovalsky
Subversion Stepan 201103100000
Mobility Stepan 201103100000
Java Web and EE Jirka Skrivanek
CND Alexander
PHP Maghiel Dijksman + Lada 201103120000 Go
Web languages Lada
GUI Builder Willy Aguirre + Adam 201103150000 #195818 - one P2 bug
JUnit Quang Hung
Profiler Vidhyadharan D.
CVS Mario Pérez
API Support Tushar Joshi 201103100000 Go
DB Constantin Drabo 201103110400 Go - But the bug #162530 should be fixed
Installer All #196582 - should be fixed in RC2
Update Center All
Performance not tested
XML not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Java Card not tested
Groovy not tested
JavaFX not available
Ruby not available
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