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Test Plan
Area Task Percentage completed
Installer and Download Page Main Focus on installer and download page 100%
Java SE and basic Main Focus is on Oracle DB and jdk 7 support 100%
Web and Enterprise Development Main Focus is on Weblogic server, Glassfish 100%
Mobility Sanity 100%
C/C++ Sanity 100%
PHP Sanity 100%

The plan is to execute all the test specifications for the above listed Areas once on the daily builds after 15/02/2011.

This execution will be on Pseudo build.

Results will be updated here.

Sanity testing

Sanity testing will be carried out on native language for all the languages

Language OS Installer Tester Result
zh_CN Windows XP Pro All Manoj GO
pt_BR Linux All Manoj GO
ja Mac OS x All Masaki GO
ru Linux All Masaki GO
Community Solaris Java Masaki GO

Sanity Test cases are available here.(Creation in progress)

Operating System

Full Test Sanity Test
Windows Xp RHEL 5,Solaris,Mac OS


Full Test Known to Run
JDK 6ur jdk 7

Application Servers

Full Test
Glassfish 3.1, Weblogic 11g PS3


Full Test
Oracle 11 thin JDBC driver

Emulator Platforms for Mobility

  1. Sun Java ME SDK 3.0 Windows version BUNDLED
  2. Sun Java WIreless Toolkit 2.5.2 for CLDC Linux Version


Windows XP Linux Solaris Mac OS X
IE 8 Firefox 3.6 Firefox 3.6 Safari Latest


Language OS Installer Tester Result
zh_CN Windows XP Pro All Manoj
pt_BR Linux All Manoj
ja Solaris x86 All Masaki GO (2011-04-08_00-00-17)
ru Mac OS X All Masaki GO (2011-04-08_00-00-17)
Community Linux Java Manoj GO
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