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(7.0 Beta build Go/NoGo)
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===7.0 Beta build Go/NoGo===
===7.0 Beta build Go/NoGo===
* '''Before 12:00 Nov-11, 2010 (CET)'''
* '''Before 12:00 Nov-15, 2010 (CET)'''
* Tested JDKs : JDK 6u22 + latest JDK on Mac  
* Tested JDKs : JDK 6u22 + latest JDK on Mac  
* Branch http://hg.netbeans.org/releases/release70_beta
* Branch http://hg.netbeans.org/releases/release70_beta

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7.0 Beta build Go/NoGo


Area Responsible Build(s) tested Go/No Go status
C/V, Platform , DB Tomas
Editor, Java, Refactoring Marian #201011082300, #201011110000
Debugger Jirka #201011082300, #201011110000 Go (#191765, #191847)
Subversion not tested
Performance, Java Web and EE not tested
CND Alexander 201011110000 Go
PHP, Web Languages Filip
Installer All
Update Center All
Profiler not tested
XML not tested
Ruby not tested
Connected Developer not tested
Java Card not tested
Mobility not tested
Form, Support Modules not tested
Groovy not tested
JavaFX not available
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