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QE Status for NetBeans 6.0 - week of Sep 24th

Number of Open bugs

P1 4
P2 272
P3 4336

Besides the problem with dashboard we can now see a slight increase in P3s bug count caused by users interest in Beta 1 compared to last week. Open P2s remain flat which is good and bad news. Flat P2s mean we are able to keep fixing just what's comming in. Till now we know only about one real showstopper reported by user for Mobility. This issue will be patched via UC. QE is now also helping with issues evaluation and monitoring feedback on NetCAT and nbusers. For supported platforms we need to go just throug sanity tested systems and Win XP Pro in some areas. Performace seems to be the most troubling area now together with overall number of bugs we have, see below.

See Quality Dashboard

Jiri's NetCAT report

Eng team QE Status
Core Tested install/uninstall, also plan to do focus test on this. Welcome screen on all supported L&Fs, Eclipse importer with projects from last Eclipse version. Started to mark opened P3 issues those we want to have fixed for Beta2 with SW=fix-in-60
Editor Reorganize subcomponents. Completed testing on Win XP. Continue in help to Dev team with fixing. Started to mark opened P3 issues those we want to have fixed for Beta2 with SW=fix-in-60.
LCT Opened P3s are under target. Completed testing on Win XP. Reviewed test plan for Beans Binding library.
Java IDE
Web & Java EE Perform full test on Win XP and start to mark P3 bugs that would be fixed in NB 6.0 FCS.
Mobility Issues are in boundaries
QE marked P3 that we want to be fixed to Beta2 with fix-in-60
The P1 in Beta1 has been fixed in trunk. For Beta1 users we will provide update through Update Center - request
Scripting Still huge number of open P2 bugs.
Web Services Testing related to JAX-RPC module movement to UC. P2 bugs are under control.
Visual Web Regular testing and P2s are under control
UML Continue with bug fix verification/testing for code coverage, fixing broken automated tests
Installer Java tools bundle testing, fixing automated tests
CND Work very tightly with Dev on gdb and focused on it. This week we also tested new/actively developed features (Semantic highlighting, Makefile project dependences, Hierarchies (type and includes), goto type, goto function or variable) - work in progress. Started A11Y testing. At the moment: 2 P1 and 60 P2 opened bugs on CND (3 P1s and 65 P2s last week).
Performance * Startup time still exceeds boundary (bugId 110011)
* UI responsiveness dashboard: 80% tests pass (boundary 85%)
* No open P1s on dashboard and 26 P2s.
* Ongoing activities: performance results analysis, tests fixing, bugs filing/updating/verifying;
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